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    Who Is Billy Napier?

    If I were a UF fan, I would be excited about Napier as the next HC. So, of course, that means we UT fans should not like it . Napier was a candidate that I had hoped would be in the running at UT last go around. I have no clue if UT tried there or if there was no traction. Still, I think it is...
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    For those thinking that UGA offense isn't that good........

    Anyone who thinks UGA's offense isn't excellent is daft. UGA looks to me to be the best team in the country and is uniformly excellent but led by its defense. Nevertheless, UT has played well this year for the most part. UT took down a UGA squad that was likely the best team in the country in...
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    '22 QB IN Tayven Jackson (UT commit)

    Milton is just a strange case. All the tools you could ever want - height, weight, speed, arm strength, and so on. It’s like his a build-a-player in a video game. He evidently is impressive in practice but not so much in games.
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    Kodi Burns

    I don't claim to be any type of expert in breaking down the game or film or what have you, but something I've noticed this year (and maybe I just overlooked it before) is that our WRs seem more physical than years past. The blocking was already mentioned in this thread and that seems materially...
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    Chances on Bailey Staying a Vol

    My expectation is that Hooker stays next year (he's not going to the NFL) and Milton stays next year too because Milton has already transferred once and there is an available path to him starting at UT again. I hate it but I think Bailey transfers after this season because this offensive system...
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    Simmons: I’m gonna go ahead and call it

    That was a piece of the U's turnover chain that he broke off on his official visit to Miami. The whole Hurricanes team was too scared to ask for it back and so he kept it and wore it in that photo. #legend
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    '22 FL RB Jaylon Glover (Utah commit)

    I don’t know what’s up with Mullen. I admit that he was my first realistic choice the cycle we hired Pruitt. Mullen seems like a total oddball but he can coach. It’s like The Big Lebowski’s Jesus character, “That creep can roll.” He had unreal squads at MSU even though he’s a weirdo. So who...
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    ‘23 GA SDE Victor Burley

    Garner is worth DC money. He recruits lights out and he’s an equally good position coach. DL makes a huge difference as we all know. He just needs to know that UT will beat any legit offer he gets by a good sum and UT needs to follow through to make sure he never leaves Knoxville until he’s...
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    This whole Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, etc., commits are overvalued because of which program they’re committed to schtick is getting old. UT has not been great in years. This means that UT’s recruits, as demonstrated by how they perform in college, aren’t as good as the Bama, Clemson, Ohio State...
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    '22 TN OT Fisher Anderson (Stanford commit)

    Going to Stanford for guys with the grades and scores for it makes perfect sense to me. Only so many guys go the NFL (and still Stanford has done well with producing pros in the last decade or so) and Stanford is great whether you go to the NFL or have a business career. I wish he was going to...
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    ‘22 NC CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    It’s very rare for a great player to also be a great coach. Most great coaches are guys who got by on their understanding of the game and tenacity rather than physical attributes and the like. I think Ewing is just another one of those great player but mediocre coach examples. Larry Bird seems...
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    '22 GA OT Addison Nichols (Tennessee commit)

    Agreed 💯. Nebraska used to sell Texas players that they could play for a powerhouse brand AND play within easy driving distance of their families 6 or so times a year. Sure, Nebraska had trailed off from its 80s and 90s heyday, in part because it pulled the trigger too early on Solich and again...
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    I'm with you here. I think DL, QB, and OL are the key positions in college football. With Rodney Garner here, you have to think he will land some highly recruited studs and develop them and also find and develop under recruited players too. That's a huge start. Heupel seems to have a strong...
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    "Patience is for losers."

    What is it that you call what Barnes is doing in Knoxville for UT basketball if not crushing it? Some of you fail to remember UT basketball pre-Pearl or even in between Pearl and Barnes. Barnes, in 2017-18, went 26-9 and guided the team to a regular season SEC co-champions and Sweet Sixteen...
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    "Patience is for losers."

    Unreasonable patience is for losers but recognizing context and progress and patiently waiting for the payout is not. For example, Vitello went 29-17 in year one (2018) after Serrano went 29-27 in 2016 and 27-25 in 2017. So, there wasn’t a drastic change record wise in Serrano’s first year and...
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    '20 VA CB Karon Prunty

    As a Vols fan, seeing other programs screw stuff up just reminds me of us.
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    '21 JUCO CB Roterius Torrence (Auburn commit)

    I’m so confused as to what my reaction is supposed to be. Am I supposed to say UT didn’t want him anyway and he was way down the board even though we just offered and he just committed and then very quickly switched to Auburn? Or am I supposed to want to set a couch on fire because he flipped...
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    Top 100 in the Transfer portal article

    This is the more interesting question to me: how was UT so bad last year with this kind of talent on the roster? #1: To'o To'o, LB #2: Gray, RB #7: Morris, OT #11: Chandler, RB #20: Lawrence, DB #47: Johnson, OT #82: Crouch, LB #87: Johnson, DE
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    '18 FL ATH Tyreke Johnson (Ohio St transfer)

    Not sure what the case is with this guy but Ohio State has garnered a reputation as being a great place for secondary players, particularly CBs, with the draft success. I bet the depth chart is tough to navigate up there with all the talented players on campus. Maybe this guy is good but just...
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    '20 TX DB Chris Thompson Jr.

    I think the transfer portal with immediate eligibility is really going to help stable teams and hinder unstable teams. So, for football, the portal and immediate eligibility will hurt UT, but, for basketball, they should help. Right now, Auburn and UT are both unstable football programs and so I...

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