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  1. Special Ed

    Thought you Ladies and Gents might like ( LOVE ) this video

    Well, that's one way to get in without buying a ticket.
  2. Special Ed

    A View from Big Ben: Napoleon and Hooker, Oklahoma's turn, Cincinnati no thanks

    Was this Napoleon before or after Waterloo?
  3. Special Ed

    4/5 of our losses came to teams who ended up a combined 45-6

    Four fifths is better than drinking only one fifth.
  4. Special Ed

    How would you structure the perfect NIL deal?

    I wouldn't. I'd have my lawyer draw it up.
  5. Special Ed

    Flying down the bleachers in XX4

    If he was that drunk, it didn't hurt.
  6. Special Ed

    Need 3 Tix to Jimmy V Classis at MSG

    Too much MSG is bad for ya.
  7. Special Ed

    BTO’s Presbyterian Postgame Report

    POW! el went 5 of 5 from 3-point land! I hope we see that kind of performance against SEC competition.
  8. Special Ed

    December 4th weekend visitor list

    I thought Nolen had already committed to A&M. If there's any chance of a de-commit/commit to UT, I'd happily contribute to buying his mama a house.
  9. Special Ed

    SO Who You Pulling For ; bama ---uga? Why?

    I'm pulling for the officials to be at their absolute worst (not that their best is any good) so the loser will moan and groan about the refs costing them the victory. It'd be nice to see either Nick or Kirby have a nuclear meltdown.
  10. Special Ed

    Where does a full class put us?

    I see the class as half full rather than as half empty.
  11. Special Ed

    This will probably be a very interesting book

    My dad was with the 4th Infantry Division when they landed at Utah Beach on D-Day. Although seriously wounded in battle (a wound that nagged him for the rest of his life) near St. Lo in France, he said that he had no regrets over the personal sacrifices that he made in helping to rid the world...
  12. Special Ed

    Portal list 247

    He meant slim pickin's, but Hedley Lamarr would probably approve.
  13. Special Ed

    UT administration after Kiffan bolted...

    You won't find any Kif fans around here. I think the "bafoons" are over behind the unicorns.
  14. Special Ed

    Scouting report for Presbyterian:

    Is there a "Make fun of the Blue Ho's" thread yet?
  15. Special Ed

    Brian Kelly to LSU

    But who wants a bonded ass?
  16. Special Ed

    Riley to USC…the inevitable Josh Heupel to OU freak out thread

    Is there any way we can throw Fort Knox at Heupel?
  17. Special Ed

    Bowl Projections by Experts

    An egg spurt is what happens when Humpty Dumpty falls off a wall.
  18. Special Ed

    '19 UCF QB Dillon Gabriel (Transfer portal)

    Food for thought: "Gabriel, who hasn't played since suffering a broken clavicle on Sept. 17, led the FBS in passing yards per game (357) last season."

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