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    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    I see if you are one of those individuals who can't debate an issue without insulting the other person. He had the player stopped but instead of waiting for the whistle for forward progress he decided to lift him in the air and body slam him. If you don't agree with me you are stupid. Is that...
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    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    71 years old and that was a penalty when I was in high school. It's common sense of which you seem to be missing, if you want to have a pissing contest.
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    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    Maybe he should have dropped him on his knee like the WWE guys do?LOL! You body slam a running back or receiver you are getting flagged. Banks has made it clear he is out there to injure people if he can. He is good for 2 penalties per game.
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    Poll: Who starts Saturday?

    I start Milton and go for the long passes, nothing under 30 yards.
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    Heupel to Oklahoma?

    I hope he doesn't take one of our top QB's with him!
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    Commercials you can't stand

    AT&T flipping the sign thing. Played every break over and over.
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    Will Florida playing Bama this weekend help us?

    If we win in the swamp this season it would mean Florida is really, really bad, nothing to do with Bama.
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    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    Unnecessary Roughness. That is self explanatory. Banks picked the guy up and body slammed him when stopping his forward progress was enough. Banks is a penalty waiting to happen, normally its hitting out of bounds for him. I imagine the whistle was blown about the time he picked him up. 2nd...
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    Pitt Was The Better Team?

    I thought Pitt almost gave us the game. They turned conservative every time they got ahead. It was like playing Butch Jones. That QB picked our secondary apart at will but the coach wanted to run the ball up the tube with a 14 point lead.
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    If Milton can be coached up

    If he could stop over-throwing the deep ball he would still be playing for Michigan! You think they did not try to solve this problem?
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    Is it possible we have one of the best, and worst fan bases in college football?

    Its the same every year, we set low expectations then comes the media blitz talking about a 6'5" 245lb QB with a rifle arm and running ability that Michigan, Bama and UGA have overlooked. Practice starts and the momentum starts building up to the opening game. Thats where reality starts hitting...
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    The Overthrows (Game Film)

    Neither Hooker or Milton were burning it up speedwise. Milton looked 2 steps slow to me. Zero quickness, which is more important than speed to get away from defenders.
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    Coachs take on Miltons missed passes

    The miss up the middle said it all, receiver wide open no one within 15 yards, Milton looking right at him no pressure on the throw, ball goes in the end zone the receiver did even try to jump for it. He could have lobbed it underhanded and got a completion. Milton has been overthrowing for a...
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    This fanbase doesn't get it

    Of course but the key point is the administration does not want to compete for championships in football, its too expensive. They don't want the pressure of the huge coaching paychecks, paying players and then keeping butts in seats. Its much easier to finish middle of the pack, pay middle of...
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    Josh Heupel Press Conference (9.13.21)

    He needs to forget about the long ball with Milton. I would hate to see a 245lb QB rolling out on my side as a defensive back. His arm alone stretches the defense, just need to throw 1 early. I thought the 1st 2 drives against BG were perfect for the QB, the style of offense and the defense (ran...
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    The Makings of an Upset: UT v UF

    If the QB's start hitting open receivers and stop fumbling the ball away we could see how good or bad this team is, until then I don't know. I will say the special teams played championship ball this weekend. Great punting, great FG kicking, super coverage on punts and kickoff, blocked punt for...
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    This fanbase doesn't get it

    I agree but that choice is gone for this program. We have pissed away this being a top job with a lot of clout in the hiring process. No coach will come here without a huge buy-out now, that will get worse if we keep firing in 1 or 2 years. The top coaches that we need will not consider this...
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    This fanbase doesn't get it

    I don't remember a time where expectations were lower than expectations for the 2021 season. Perfect situation for a new coach. 3 more years, then we can talk.
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    It's Going To Be A long Year!

    This game cleared up one thing for me. There is no 6'5" 245lb QB, with a rifle arm who can run the football out there that Bama and UGA missed out on.
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    Harrison Bailey

    Its a shame they seem will to spend so much of our money (100 million) to see who is better UT or Vandy. Looks like we have the edge this season.

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