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  1. amishvol

    Help me hate Georgia more.

    Here's something a lot of people don't know. The 'G' on Georgia's helmet stands for Generic. Georgia is a very generic program. Nothing that stands out as special. The Green Bay G logo is generic, the Bulldogs mascot is generic, grown men barking like dogs is generic. The Georgia Head Coach...
  2. amishvol

    Tennessee QB Harrison Bailey enters NCAA transfer portal

    I understand his decision to transfer and I think everyone here expected it at the end of the season. I do question his decision to transfer with a month left in the season. What's the point of transferring with four games left? If Hooker and Milton were to get hurt that would leave us with...
  3. amishvol

    Harrison Bailey, thy time is now….

    This is embarrassing. He's the third string quarterback for a reason.
  4. amishvol

    Love Ekeler tweets

    How did I miss this story?
  5. amishvol

    QB's ?? Go back and watch the Orange and White Game

    I thought people were past the point of calling for the third string quarterback.
  6. amishvol

    I might know this guy... 😂

    I have not. I imagine being around a bunch of grown men barking would be quite obnoxious.
  7. amishvol

    I might know this guy... 😂

    Florida fans are without a doubt the worst I've ever been around.
  8. amishvol

    Best Entrance in College Football

    I've been to a Clemson game. Their entrance is incredibly overrated. They boast that it is the most exciting twenty-five seconds of college football or some garbage like that but it is just a bunch of guys slowly powerwalking down a hill.
  9. amishvol

    Orange Helmets

    The only change to the helmet I wouldn't mind seeing as an alternate would be having the Rifleman take place of the Power T.
  10. amishvol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bowling Green

    Tennessee 52 BGSU 24 537
  11. amishvol

    Dayne Davis - Dropped Bombs on Last Staff

    If you have to discipline college players to keep them accountable for pushing themselves, getting in shape, learning, etc. then they don't need to be college football players. I get what people are saying about "all fun and games" but having a fun atmosphere to work in helps keep people loose...
  12. amishvol

    My love letter to Tennessee (COMPLETE!)

    Great work, sir!
  13. amishvol


    Tennessee run ruled the national champs.
  14. amishvol

    For the Diehards....

    LET'S GO!
  15. amishvol

    Vitello to be on Finebaum in a few mins 5pm

    Money talks, but after putting in all of the work that he's done to get this roster to the level that it's at I can't see him packing up and starting over at A&M or Missouri for that matter. And I'd hope that Tennessee would be willing and able to match whatever A&M offers. Sure would hate to...
  16. amishvol

    Best single play

    I absolutely loved watching Eric Berry play. I used to have an Eric Berry for Heisman sticker on the back of my truck in high school. He was one of the lone bright spots through those years.
  17. amishvol

    Best single play

    I can't choose between Jauan Jennings Hail Mary catch in Athens in 2016 and Jauan Jennings burning Tabor to take the lead over Florida in 2016. Pure joy.
  18. amishvol

    QB Harrison Bailey Putting in the work this offseason

    I’ve stated in a previous thread that I’d be surprised if HB was the starting quarterback in 2021. Now I would be surprised if he isn’t the starting quarterback in 2021. Not just based on this video.

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