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  1. utfantilidie

    Candace speaking her truth

  2. utfantilidie

    Riley to USC…the inevitable Josh Heupel to OU freak out thread

    Not only playing ties coaching with stoops as well I mean stoops interim let’s not kid ourselves. Just saying. I remember when we brought Majors home .
  3. utfantilidie

    UT administration after Kiffan bolted...

    I seriously doubt the President Chancellor all the Deans the Vice Presidents etc etc involve themselves with athletics at all . Probably care less. Hire the athletic director let him get do their job. Just saying unless your just talking about the athletic director then I agree.
  4. utfantilidie

    Manningcast Prediction

    Just a thought but I look for David Cutcliffe to be on soon since he was released at Duke.
  5. utfantilidie

    Eric Gray just muffed a punt for OU

    Pretty classless
  6. utfantilidie

    One thing certainly has endured the test of time

    Big brother that is lol
  7. utfantilidie

    One thing certainly has endured the test of time

    Same ole Vanderbilt. Always getting smacked around by brother . Lol
  8. utfantilidie

    College Gameday

    Is it College Gameday or Ohio State College Gameday now ever since Kirk Herbstreit took over ESPN? Go Big Blue!
  9. utfantilidie

    Kirk Herbstreit praises heups first season.

    He’s a nobody. Crybaby. Peyton Manning knows more about football while he’s sleeping than he’s ever though about .
  10. utfantilidie

    Football or Basketball School?

    Over the last several years I think we have shifted to a basketball school. I hope Coach will turn us back into a football school. Talking to my UGA grad friend yesterday he pointed out Kirby was like Saban. You get your seniors to hang around. UGA has five key players on defense that stayed is...
  11. utfantilidie

    Eat at Mooyah, Support Players

    Funny years ago Politician John J Hooker had a restaurant in Nashville and sold Hooker Burgers.
  12. utfantilidie

    Favorite "Vandy" Game Memories?

    Any game we won.
  13. utfantilidie

    The Awesomeness of Candace Parker

    CBS Sports: A lot of details in your kicks over the years and with the Exhibit A shoes pay homage to the late Pat Summitt. How important was it to include those details when coming up with your shoes? CP: Pat is in every shoe, whether it's my shoe or a PE or a shoe that they give me. I have...
  14. utfantilidie

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Vanderbilt

    Vanderbilt’s $6.9 billion endowment Tennessee $1. Billion endowment Before you feel too sorry for Vanderbilt.
  15. utfantilidie

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Vanderbilt

    Tennessee (stadium capacity 102,455). 56 Vanderbilt (stadium capacity 41,000). 9 190
  16. utfantilidie

    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why?

    Years ago Vanderbilt was a given. It didn’t matter if we had won 10-15 in a row still you don’t lose to them. Not the in state rival. Important game . I’ll give it an 8 on the scale 1-10.
  17. utfantilidie

    Oakland has two Awesome running backs Maryville

    I’m sure you know Patterson and Jordan James UGA signee. Jordan’s the real deal. It wouldn’t bother me if Maryville won. I’m just saying be prepared. A little Herschel Walker.

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