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    Coach's Reaction To Oklahoma Opening

    I imagine his loyalty to UT is about the same as our loyalty is to him. One poor season or a loss to someone like Georgia Southern and fans will be saying to fire him with cause. I don’t see Oklahoma offering him but in the future if someone makes him a big offer I would expect him to ask UT...
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    Is there a Heupal Monday Presser at NOON Today?

    Isn’t he in Oklahoma recruiting?? Actually, I hope he is in contact with some recruits that were planning on going to Oklahoma or LSU or Florida.
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    What's the Deal with the USC Attraction Factor?!?

    Taxes, crime, cost of living, insane traffic congestion, smog, and crazy people. (I lived there for 8 years. Scenery, geography, entertainment, and climate are great though.)
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    We'll learn fast what Danny White is made of......

    And it drops to 6 million on Dec. 15..
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    2021 Coaching Soap Opera:

    No mention of Freeze??? Are we the only ones that wanted him?
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    Has there ever been so many top tier jobs open in college football?

    I am just waiting for the Bama job to come open.
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    Does this pic of Kelly remind anyone of Pat?

    Actually, it reminds me of John Wooden.
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    Who do you WANT to play in a bowl game against?

    I don’t like our chances against Clemson, they are playing pretty good right now. I think we match up pretty good against Oklahoma
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    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why?

    A loss would be like a loss to Georgia State. Some idiotic fans would hold it against coach for years Unless we win a Natty in the next couple years.
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    Former Vandy RB Zac Stacy on the run after very disturbing video beating ex-GF in front of child

    I think for battery the punishment is UP to 1 year and a 1,000 dollar fine. If this is first offense, might just get probation with a good attorney.
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    How would we have performed without the outgoing transfers?

    And if we still had JG and Pruitt/staff. Probably 4-6. HB or BM may have been QB so maybe 5-5.
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    kelly post game on tess darby tess is a shooter

    The T on the front of her Jersey!
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    LSU coaching search sounding eerily familiar

    I think Gruden has been “canceled“ as far as head coaching jobs are concerned.
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    Do we need to get nervous about recruiting?

    In a way it is kind of sad but recruiters need to carry NIL contracts in their pocket. That contract will be the most important thing in the decision making process for many recruits,
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    Do we need to get nervous about recruiting?

    The question I have is how many can we sign? We are reducing the number of scholarships and it is my understanding that transfers count against your initial counters so if I understand this correctly, if you take 5 transfers, then you can only sign 20 recruits (fewer for UT). There was talk...
  16. R are we feeling about Georgia?

    Let our starters sit out this game and rest up for the rest of the season. Give the 2nd and 3rd stringers a lot of game reps. Maybe their is a nugget in there that is terrible in practice but is a baller on game day. Got to think long term, not just one game. I kid, well sorta.
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    Your Biggest UT rival....and why

    I don’t think we have one main rival and this thread pretty indicates that. We have several rivals. If you google college biggest rivalries Tennessee isn’t listed. To be a big rivaly IMO the other school has to consider you their main rival also. To me the main rivalries are Army-Navy...
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    SEC fine from Saturday's activities

    I am pretty sure the SEC will just withhold 250,000 from the bowl payout money.
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    Image the press will not show you

    Did the Ole Miss fiasco stop the game? No It is not uncommon for paper cups etc. to be thrown after a game but when was the last time it was done that stopped game play for 45 minutes? Maybe a European soccer game.

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