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  1. burntorangeVOLffle

    What is Huepel’s worth to you?

    None of it comes out of my pocket so whatever TN can afford is fine with me.
  2. burntorangeVOLffle

    Tennessee in top 10 of AP poll of all time

    I dunno, this was after the 2019 NC and they have been awful ever since.
  3. burntorangeVOLffle

    Marvel Phase 4

    Would make sense because she was introduced in Daredevil.
  4. burntorangeVOLffle

    OLED vs. QLED, opinions?

    My last TV purchase was in 2017 and I was more concerned with full back lighting than anything else. Some of the more “budget” models had great resolution but they were center lit and I see the darkness in corners. I ended up getting a good deal on a 65” Sony. My only complaint is it is not...
  5. burntorangeVOLffle

    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Let me guess… you did your own research.
  6. burntorangeVOLffle

    Marvel Phase 4

    I’ll be honest, so far aI like it better than F&WS. It’s a little more light hearted. Kinda dig the concept of Clint trying to tie up loose ends to be home for Christmas. Not sure where they are going with Echo. She was never a villain but she did wear the Ronin suit for a short time.
  7. burntorangeVOLffle

    Jeremy Banks

    He was arrested once 2 years ago. Let’s not act like he is a career criminal or something.
  8. burntorangeVOLffle

    Crazy to think...if we beat Ole Miss

    It would have been 7-7 and our defense right back out on the field. If we are playing the ifs and buts game then they could have gone right down the field and scored for 14-7 lead. The whole reason we were only trailing by 5 at the end was because we got a safety that was set up by the fumble...
  9. burntorangeVOLffle

    Crazy to think...if we beat Ole Miss

    That on 4th down and we got the ball anyway. Then went 3 n Out, pinned them deep and got a safety. Subsequently followed by a TD to take a 9-7 lead. Was it a blown call? Probably. Was it the difference in the game? No. Like I said in the post above. We had 3 opportunities to take the lead in...
  10. burntorangeVOLffle

    Crazy to think...if we beat Ole Miss

    We had 3 chance with the ball to take the lead from Ole Miss in the second half and didn’t get it done. Stop blaming the refs.
  11. burntorangeVOLffle

    If you like SEC shorts...

    Kinda how I felt. Poor man’s Ted Lasso impersonation iyam.
  12. burntorangeVOLffle

    Marvel Phase 4

    Watched the first one. Nice set up. The cold open was cool AF. Should be a fun romp.
  13. burntorangeVOLffle


    I just hope they weren’t asked to wear masks.
  14. burntorangeVOLffle

    The wheel of time

    Same here. If I was quizzed about any details I would fail miserably.
  15. burntorangeVOLffle

    Coach Heupel's first year compared to other first year coaches

    I think Pruitt could be “bad cop” as a coordinator because Saban really is good to his players. Sure he chews them out if they really up but he will also pull them aside and and privately build them up. But Pruitt as HC with no one to play “good cop” just destroyed team morale.
  16. burntorangeVOLffle

    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why?

    I think our worst game was UGA and they had a lot to do with that. Vandy is no UGA
  17. burntorangeVOLffle

    We're going bowling!

    By all accounts Hooker wasnt doing anything to beat out Milton in practice. The players liked Milton too. CJH did what appeared to be best for the team. He made the switch early which is more than the last guy did.
  18. burntorangeVOLffle

    Spider-Man: No Way Home (Christmas 2021)

    I don’t know about that. They have 10-12 years just with FF and X-Men coming up. I almost think it will take 4-5 consecutive bombs to force an MCU reboot. Opening up the multiverse gives them options though.
  19. burntorangeVOLffle

    Spider-Man: No Way Home (Christmas 2021)

    It’s like all of these early Phase 4 movies are all being held up to Endgame. Not really fair when we are kinda in a new build up spot.
  20. burntorangeVOLffle

    Peyton Manning’s Power

    I remember a basketball game vs defending National champ FL that Manning attended and WWTFA. So stop with this nonsense.

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