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    The final SEC East standings

    i LOVE that idea. head-to-head has us in 2nd. i think the bowl committee's may look at this and we end up with a better bowl than ky! it definitely wouldn't surprise me
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    The final SEC East standings

    we also BEAT ky
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    Bowl Projections by Experts

    any bowl game that bums ky to a lesser bowl works for me and it would be well-deserved. plus it would piss ky fans off losing to us and getting the lesser bowl. right now even after us beating them they think they're great. their sec schedule was crap
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    It’s almost like Joe Milton has improved

    if you or the 2 others couldn't tell...........! ive watched and coached a lot of football and could. guess i and thousand others "just knew"......lmao
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    It’s almost like Joe Milton has improved

    Yeah....he is! Nobody realistic wanted Milton to go back out there and start. Not even the coaches. But yall got it!
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    It’s almost like Joe Milton has improved

    The TEAM didn't play well vs Florida and we smashed TTU in which he was 17-25 for 3 scores. But as I said, okay man!
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    It’s almost like Joe Milton has improved

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D...okay man!
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    It’s almost like Joe Milton has improved

    u've lost ur mind. outside the last pick, he damn near won the game. and against florida, key drops hurt the team, but balls def hit hands of wr's. he took the job the pitt game. anyone who says otherwise simply still had hope for their pick as qb not named Hooker! Facts!
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    It’s almost like Joe Milton has improved

    Kind-of hard to blame the fans when Hooker came in and looked like he had been playing for YEARS as the starter. Damn near won the game. Def put up points and is one of the best qbs in the US. So going at the fans based off all the facts doesn't make any sense. He had the summer and was...
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    Possible Consequence if we happen to beat Georgia

    the ncaa gives us the death penalty and the idea is brought on and heavily endorsed by both the sec commish and
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    Hey, can we hear from some of you that were at the Kentucky game?

    i heard a guy actually call alontae's pick six right before it happened! literally!
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    What’s your prediction for Saturday’s game with Kentucky: W or L?

    Stop the run and put a man over top Wandale Robinson.........easy win!
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    Patterson, Gary

    and the real idiot is the one who can't spell fulmer.
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    Patterson, Gary

    did u check the date on the comment moron? good gawd ur f'n stupid. that comment had nothing to do with heupel or the coaching search in which we hired him dumbass so watch who tf you're calling an idiot, idiot
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    Pruitt's deadline for a settlement is today

    they threw out a bluff. if they even try it, UT should counter for wages earned and damages.
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    Kentucky will be ranked in the Top 10 (NOT!)

    short passing game and the run beats cover 8
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    What'll Fix 3rd Down D?

    QB Spy by a really good open field tackler
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    Maurer Transferring - Official

    maybe not, but its also not completely impossible
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    SEC Realignment Question

    Auburn would move to the east. simple

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