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  1. Elhanan

    Oklahoma SEC Dominance

    All depends on the new alignment. It’s not hard to nearly makes every schedule balance on a 2-3 year rotation. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if the SEC makes it easy on the current dominating school.
  2. Elhanan

    Mike Bobo Fired From Auburn

    Hope he gets the OC job at Florida or the HC job at Oklahoma. :)
  3. Elhanan

    Official Butch Jones to OU thread:

    I hope they screw up this hire so bad.
  4. Elhanan

    Worst College Football Coaching Hires of All Time

    Oh please let it happen to Florida. I want them at Vandy levels of bad.
  5. Elhanan

    Worst College Football Coaching Hires of All Time

    We hired Dooley, Jones, and Pruitt back to back. That’s a pretty crappy run.
  6. Elhanan

    Kiffin teasing LSU

  7. Elhanan

    Billy Napier to Florida

    I hope he falls on his face.
  8. Elhanan

    What Bowl Bid Does Tennessee Realistically Receive?

    So long as it’s a bowl in Florida I’ll be happy.
  9. Elhanan

    Sum Up 2021 Regular Season In 3-4 Words

    Way better than Pruitt.
  10. Elhanan

    Vols vs Vandy (60 points again?)

    Not on pace to get those 53 points so far.
  11. Elhanan

    Vols vs Vandy (60 points again?)

    So the gentleman in orange will have to put some real work in. lol Not saying it’s possible but it would be hilarious.
  12. Elhanan

    Kirk Herbstreit praises heups first season.

    No one takes Herbstreit’s opinion seriously right? UT is on the way up but that moron didn’t do anything special by noticing it.
  13. Elhanan

    Average margin of loss to big 3 (career)

    Factor in how much improved Georgia is and how many players we lost and that the “career” stat for CJH is 1 season. I tend to be a NegaVol too but to quote President Potatoe “come on man”.
  14. Elhanan

    Mullen fired at Florida

    Lol, I hope Florida hires Pruitt now.
  15. Elhanan

    Future schedule with SEC expansion

    An 8 game all SEC schedule is harder than a 10 game all <fill in any other conference> schedule. With that said I don’t see how we go to 16 teams and not do at least 9 conference games. 10 would be optimal for a balanced rotation in conference.
  16. Elhanan

    Eat at Mooyah, Support Players

    Happy to live in Ktown and will be hitting up this place regularly
  17. Elhanan

    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why?

    It’s very important that we constantly beat teams that are traditional SEC bottom feeders. That’ll put us as a mid tier team. That’s the step CJH is on in this rebuild so I put it at a 10. Next season we need to add to it and beat some more guys from the middle of the pack. (LSU and UF...
  18. Elhanan

    Saturday could be the last time Neyland can hold 100k+

    We fill that thing up when we’re good. I don’t care about the rest of the world. Reducing capacity is going to shoot prices up even higher. You good with paying even more?
  19. Elhanan

    Saturday could be the last time Neyland can hold 100k+

    It’s needs to get bigger not smaller. Cheaper seats up top for families, box seats for our big money crowd and the bottom bowl for our loudest craziest fans.
  20. Elhanan

    Looking at our 2022 schedule

    It’s an absolute guess but if Hooker returns, we vastly improve on defense, and get some quality transfers I could see a 9 win regular season. It’ll take some high end coaching and a little luck but it’s possible. Still too much time between now and then to be certain though.

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