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    Neyland Stadium name change?

    That’s as stupid naming a stadium Kroger Field…
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    Who feels confident about Kentucky after the bye week?? FPI 48.6%

    If things stay the status quo we will hang with KY for 2-3 qtrs and then fade once again. Frustrating. 1-2 qtrs per game with brain-fart head-scratching play calling. 1st down run play calls. Who doesn’t know they’re coming? Penalties. Undisciplined momentum- killing penalties. Offensive line...
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    20 points

    Not so fast my friend. The second qtr play calling was crap. 2nd half may be be the same.
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    About last night....

    When you back a wild animal into a corner and poke it with a stick after a while they begin to lash out. Our fans were backed into a corner last night and continually getting poked with that stick. Then they lashed out.
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    Karma will be a b**ch for Kiffin

    The immature little enabled dude just won’t grow up to be a real man. Respectable head coaches don’t abuse social media by trolling other fan bases and inciting chaos the way he does. The National media is enamored with him and comment how he “ has changed” from his slimy little past. No. Pretty...
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    Theo Jackson worked with Turnage after learning he was sitting

    Give credit to this coaching staff AND to Theo for gutting it out. If I recall he was buried in the depth charts under Pruitt (and maybe Jones?) but now has exploded. Good for him. One of my favorite Vols this season.
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    Hokies Hooked On Hooker

    Who is really calling the plays? Head Coach or OC?
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    V O L S are back? (Stadium letters)

    Yeah I see what you mean but this is a photo of a portrait. The original camera was a 35m Pentax? Hey it’s 39 years ago.
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    V O L S are back? (Stadium letters)

    Photo taken in 1982 on our honeymoon. Proud of this one.
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    Orange and Black checkered stadium?!?!

    Orange shirts no problem but for one day we may have to dig deep into our closets for our black Metallica, Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, and KISS t- shirts.
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    ESPN CFP Power Index

    Ball-spotting, officiating, all questionable. But the real difference between a win and a loss that day was our starting QB performance.
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    This Week in Things Bob Kesling Said:

    Another absolutely true “Kesling-ism” and my favorite: Evan Berry was returning a kickoff and found an open seam nearing the sideline at the 40 yd line. Bob got excited and announced that Berry was forced out of bounds by the “kicker guy.” True story.
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    Why aren’t Bumphus and Mitchell playing?

    Ole Miss is not a winnable game. They will shred our defensive backs to pieces.
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    Any word on Jalin Hyatt?

    The back of his head smacked the turf pretty hard. Whiplash-like. Looked like concussion or neck.
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    Any particular game changer play that stands out?

    Agree. May indicate a lack of play-calling flexibility in our new coach. If so we’re in for a tough go.
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    Post-game dining options

    I recommend a few other options other than the good ones mentioned all within easy walking distance: Blackhorse Cafe On Gay Street. Flat bread pizza is good. Wash it down with a Blackhorse Vanilla Cream Ale. Chivo Taqueria on Gay Street. My favorite downtown eatery. Great menu including craft...
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    Can't Blame Joe...

    Milton was wanting to turn every pass play into a Hail Mary. That’s on him.
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    No PA announcer during plays

    Just one of many things I noticed when I went last night. It’s like they were prepared for a scrimmage and all of a sudden 82000 people showed up. Field announcer had no clue. Don’t they have spotters to help identify playmakers? It was like watching a game in person but feeling like you were at...
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    Any hotel suggestions outside of Downtown Knoxville for South Carolina Game?

    Strawberry Plains exit 398 has some good choices.

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