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  1. Delmar

    Alvin Kamara fastest ever

    That just tells me that Payton is adaptable to his talent and why he is one of the top coaches in the NFL. Jones on the other hand is anything but adaptable and that is why he is at Arkansas State. He never used Kamara to full capability.
  2. Delmar

    Tennessee Needs to win out

    Great points. Add to that the O Line where we are now starting 2 players who probably would be better off at UT Chatt. and a guard has had to play center. For the uneducated or blind, that is because of LACK OF DEPTH.
  3. Delmar

    Alvin Kamara fastest ever

    Sean Payton utilizes Kamara in every way possible and he touches the ball 25 to 30 times a game. Jones couldn’t figure out how to use him if you drew him pictures. That’s your difference.
  4. Delmar

    Tennessee Needs to win out

    Not startling at all. We disagree with you because you are wrong. Here’s a clue. When 99% of the people disagree with you, you are wrong. Pretty simple logic but I’m sure it will escape you.
  5. Delmar

    Tennessee Needs to win out

    I’ve asked this before. You don’t watch much football do you?
  6. Delmar

    I tell you what....

    All losing coaches say that.
  7. Delmar

    DYK.... SEC Team Size Policy

    Thank you. A lot of folks just don’t understand the term “quality depth”. We have some good players among the starters. But you can see what has happened when some of them go down. When it happens to Bama or Georgia, they just plug in another 4 or 5 star. We don’t have that luxury.
  8. Delmar

    We may be 4-4 but...

    Or they just don’t understand what it takes to rebuild a program. That and I’ve decided some folks aren’t happy unless they are miserable and make everyone around them miserable.
  9. Delmar

    When life gives you Kiffin-isms...

    Don’t care. Sometimes in the interest of doing the right thing you don’t get to do what you want.
  10. Delmar

    When life gives you Kiffin-isms...

    I don’t fault him for leaving for USC. I fault him for WHEN he left. There were no name coaches left to even look at and we get stuck with Doofus the Shower King. No excuse for the timing. Sometimes there are things you just don’t do.
  11. Delmar

    LSU coaching search will be interesting

    Or he caught lightning in a bottle his first year with a good staff and load of NFL talent on that team. With OK talent and subpar assistants, Ed ain’t so good. He is not a good coach.
  12. Delmar

    Why is it the basketball and baseball program way ahead of football ?

    If you hire three bumbling idiots in a row for the basketball team, it’ll be in the toilet too.
  13. Delmar

    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    You do realize we are down several linemen and the only real running back we have? And the 2nd stringers behind them are not SEC caliber. Thinking that might be a reason why we have to rely on big plays.
  14. Delmar

    We're comin'

    If you can’t be excited by progress, that’s your problem.
  15. Delmar

    Officiating in Tuscaloosa

    Officiating didn’t beat them. Lack of depth had more to do with it than anything. Especially late in the game. Early on we missed Evans and Mays badly. Just nobody to replace the front line players. Frustrating but that is where we are.
  16. Delmar

    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    The door is open if you’d like to leave. Nothing holding you back.
  17. Delmar

    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    That’s what happens when you have a couple of Carson Newman linemen playing and no Evans. They finally yanked Lane but we’ve still got Davis playing.
  18. Delmar

    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Let’s be clear. We’ve been terrible. Not anymore. If you can’t see we are more competitive I can’t help you. No depth and the defense has finally worn down. I’m more optimistic about the future than at any time in the past 10 years.
  19. Delmar

    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Proud of the effort. Better than I’ve seen in about 10 years. Afraid the defense is getting tired.
  20. Delmar

    Kiffin has a plan to stop fake injuries

    Kiffin is so full of 💩 his eyes are brown. He knows exactly what he did and what the game plan was to slow UT’s offense down. It’s legal at the moment because the refs don’t have a way to police it. But I think that changes in the off-season.

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