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    It's a sign we're gonna whomp Ole Miss' butts!

    It’s so easy to love Tennessee.
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    Alabama Fans

    ...can suck it!
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    Johnson City Man ...

    Squeal like a pig, boy! Where is my banjo....
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    KNS Article about Evans availability Saturday. [team injury updates]

    “Well, you have your boots so I guess you can walk into battle.”
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    It's a sign!

    Maybe don’t eat those.
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    #11 Kentucky (6-0,4-0) @ #1 Georgia (6-0,4-0) 3:30 PM CBS

    Georgia will likely have to vacate all these wins due to the investigation.
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    What are other message boards saying?

    Punctuation is important.
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    Board Mood If We Go 0-4?

    I think we should preemptively fire the coach because the possibility exists for going zero wins in the next four. Everyone should bring a mattress to the field and make a rectangle and the shape of a T and set that sucker on fire. Way to go OP.
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    #11 Kentucky (6-0,4-0) @ #1 Georgia (6-0,4-0) 3:30 PM CBS

    Double Covid disqualification.
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    '21 Recruiting Forum: Official Ole Miss Pregame/Game Thread

    When I feel that way I just give myself a punch in the junk.
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    These 3 Vols health hold key to win Saturday.

    Just find a good one that’s gorgeous on the inside.
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    Bowl Projection

    D Doooshbag Herbstreet
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    while this game is exciting what does a loss do for the program moving forward?

    Panic dammmit!!! Just panic and cry openly in public.
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    Where to stay? 2nd time in Neyland

    Most everything is booked up already unless you want to spend 300.

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