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  1. Falcons02

    Neyland Stadium name change?

    I like how the OP dropped this turd in the punch bowl and just keeps stirring the soup enough to keep getting reactions. It might be the dumbest thing I have ever read on here... and that's saying something.
  2. Falcons02

    Bamers complain about McElroy but not

    I think he is pretty good too, still not sure he should be calling Bama games
  3. Falcons02

    We're comin'

    Dont you know that seeing the positive in the games we play is a "moral victory", those are not allowed.
  4. Falcons02

    We're comin'

    Have you ever actually played organized football?
  5. Falcons02

    Tennessee fanbase is an asset.

    I don't think the people throwing things on the field represented UT fans at large in a positive way. But, focusing on a few hundred folks throwing items on the field is losing the forest for the trees. 102k+ passionate fans yelling, cheering on, and supporting our team should be the focus...
  6. Falcons02

    Tennessee Tight End Jacob Warren

    The Sun Belt game on TV tonight has had better officiating than the SEC had in Neyland Saturday night
  7. Falcons02

    What he said!!

    Josh Pate and Late Kick on YouTube are amazing, I watch/listen to every show. Even when he is critical of a team he is fair and level-headed, which is what you would hope from everyone
  8. Falcons02

    Poll: Fan Behavior

    Stadium alcohol sales for night games should end at halftime.
  9. Falcons02

    About last night....

    I was with you until here. He was short of the line to gain. No matter how much I or any of us wish it different, he was short. The strip/touchdown call was egregious and the flopping all night was ridiculous, those are things that are completely justifiable to be pissed about.
  10. Falcons02

    Pictures of Warren down on terrible spot?

    THIS!!! If people want to lose their **** over a terrible call, that is the one. No whistle, Corral is the only one who stopped playing the down. That was a touchdown and UT is owed an explanation for why the refs decided to huddle and call his forward progress stopped when that is NOT what...
  11. Falcons02

    Milton & the last play

    I've never seen someone with so much physical talent make such bone headed plays. He has the football IQ of a walrus
  12. Falcons02

    Somebody explain, im lost

    This is stupid on so many levels. Goodnight
  13. Falcons02

    College Football officiating is a joke

    This is the real issue, worse than officiating. You go down with an injury that stops the clock, you're out a minimum of 5 game minutes, or your team is penalized a time out.
  14. Falcons02

    On a lighter note… there are NINETEEN threads about us on “DAWGS 247”

    Fck the buttsniffers. Kirby will find a way to crap the bed. 1980
  15. Falcons02

    Somebody explain, im lost

    That's just stupid. Did the refs commit clear holding penalties on back to back 4th quarter possessions to kill any momentum? Did the refs fumble a punt and give Ole Miss the ball at the goal line after the defense basically stopped them twice? Did the refs drop multiple passes that should...
  16. Falcons02

    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    We lose in the most Tennessee way possible.
  17. Falcons02

    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    I'm glad LSU won, but the best part is trying to translate Orgeron's post game interview "Wa waa wa wahhh wa wa wah wa. Go Tigers!"
  18. Falcons02

    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    LSU is *ick slapping fat boy Grantham's defense
  19. Falcons02

    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    I just came here to say that. Watching a bad LSU team smack them in the mouth pisses me off. How is it we crap the bed against them every year. They're extremely beatable

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