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  1. Vol737

    Tennessee QB Harrison Bailey enters NCAA transfer portal

    Good luck to this young man. I sure he will find a good spot and be successful.
  2. Vol737

    They’re Banning FJB and Let’s Go Brandon

    I’m just wondering if “F*** Trump!” ever got banned at public universities. Anybody got the link to Google?
  3. Vol737

    Critical race theory and elections

    I think most people understand it’s not your rank and file teacher in the classroom that’s the problem, with the exception of a few outliers from time to time that make the news. Overall I feel like I had some really good teachers that taught, did not indoctrinate. Same goes for my kids, for...
  4. Vol737

    Critical race theory and elections

    Oh, okay.
  5. Vol737

    VN's very own political meme thread...

  6. Vol737

    Critical race theory and elections

    Would that neuter the complete nonsense being handed down by the Dept of Education?
  7. Vol737

    President Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    That’s pretty much my view as well. I would love to see a part time congress. Go home and face your constituents six or seven months out of the year.
  8. Vol737

    President Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    But, but, but….Trump played golf!!! Biden Has Spent More Time Away From White House Than Trump Did In His First Year, Analysis Finds
  9. Vol737

    VN's very own political meme thread...

  10. Vol737

    VN's very own political meme thread...

  11. Vol737


    Lol! Copy and paste is something most of us take for granted. I’m sure that’s InnerWebz 5.0 PhD level stuff down on the plains.
  12. Vol737

    SEC Shorts making fun of us... again

    SEC Shorts is pretty funny and they spare no one. Tennessee is just low hanging fruit as we have been for a while, so we are probably more often on the receiving end of their spoofs. Is what it is and I always laugh at it. However, when we rise again - and we will soon - I want this coach...
  13. Vol737


    Found this link. Interesting. To me, I believe these numbers to be statistically impossible. The Numbers on Alabama Holding Penalties...
  14. Vol737

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    I listen to NPR a good bit in the car. Overall, I find a lot of their content interesting. This is what many of us have said all along. I’m not against taking a vaccine, I ended up taking the jab. But we have known in the end we’re just going to have to let this play out and rely heavily on...
  15. Vol737

    The Virginia Gov race

    Geez, these people lie out their @$$ and people buy it. Register your @$$, get in a car, a bus, on a bike, call an Uber, call a friend or walk and go vote. No one is preventing anyone from voting….unless you’re talking about the thugs in Philly they have video evidence of harassing and...
  16. Vol737

    The Virginia Gov race

    Saw this. Oh, you won’t get the lefties on here to address this. Most are probably fine with it.
  17. Vol737


    True and that sucks because it looks bad, but we carry about 15 or so fewer scholarship players. Our lack of depth is just killing us late in the second half against better teams. We’re one deep where Bama is easily three deep at every position. There’s just no way around it when they have...
  18. Vol737


    Man, I’ve tried to find a roster of SEC refs tonight to confirm it, but on Basilio’s 5th qtr show, MD or Briney Boy found the info somewhere and the number of SEC refs that graduated from or have ties to Alabama was an incredibly high percentage of officials. I have not been able to find that...
  19. Vol737

    We may be 4-4 but...

    Even though I’ve tried, It’s hard to not dwell on that Pitt loss. That would have been huge for our momentum the way things are shaping up now. Bye week coming at the right time. Get healthy, upset KY.
  20. Vol737

    To’o To’o Celebration?

    I’m more concerned about the straight up targeting by the Bama player that launched at Hookers head that wasn’t called and the numerous holds that weren’t called (the only ones that were is where it was too obvious to ignore and the OL tackled our defender in plain sight for the world to see)...

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