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    LV's #15 In Preseason AP Poll

    Agree if each of the starters from last year improve their game with the addition of Dye who is a baller ad will now play with talent beside her and better depth due to Freshman Class we should be Top 10. IN CHRIST Alone.
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    '22 AL WR Marquarius White (Tennessee commit)

    Watched his Mid Season Highlights and no doubt his speed and ability to change direction are outstanding. The one thing that I wanted to see and I did was concentration and hands when facing sideline or end zone back line and he completed tough catches. He and Sampson both in the future will...
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    '22 LA RB Dylan Sampson (Tennessee commit)

    The one thing I love about Sampson is how skinny he gets in the hole and ability to go low then explode out. These traits in RB are hard to learn because its not natural to most but to him it is Natural. In CHRIST Alone.
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    '22 LA RB Dylan Sampson (Tennessee commit)

    His Pass blocking as well has regulated him behind Whitehead who as well should be more Physical in picking up LBs.
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    Happy Birthday Coach Sam

    Everyone talks about her being brought here to recruit but I believe her best will be Coaching from practice to games giving Coach Kellie another Strong personality. In CHRIST Alone.
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    3 Star Ranked Players Who Developed To Be 1st, 2nd 3rd Rounders?

    The problem with arguments over star ratings is that many only look at star rating and not the upside of player. All 2 star 3 star kids in NFL all had the Athletic skill the feet and bend and great hips but needed time to develop into really good football player. And Last is heart to stick to...
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    Large, raw DT transfer from Kansas commits

    And for a guy just learning to play Football. In CHRIST Alone
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    Media day the new coaches

    Coach Williams understands one thing Women's College Basketball is at its best when Lady Vols are contending for NC. And I truly believe she will help move The Program back to this Place. In CHRIST Alone
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    Confirmed: Samantha Williams to Tennessee

    Wonderful article on govols247 free read on Coach Williams. We will be back competing for Nattys she came here to help Kellie get us there. In CHRIST Alone
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    '22 GA OT Addison Nichols (Tennessee commit)

    CHRIST loves everybody wants all to come to the knowledge of HIS TRUTH.
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    '22 GA OT Addison Nichols (Tennessee commit)

    I understand as Fans we have been over and over even when Butch had back to back 9 wins we should have been East Champs. All I am saying with a really good O line i believe will be one of the surprise units in country you have a chance and if QB delivers we will. In CHRIST Alone
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    2022 Recruits

    Yes great stat for a 6'5 player. As she matures with more strength the 2 point shot with traffic will get better. In CHRIST Alone
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    Top Prep Forward Chooses G-League

    So True. Zion hype going to Duke was much bigger had he had gone to some league like this. Even though I am sure 300k is what he got as well. In CHRIST Alone
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    '22 GA OT Addison Nichols (Tennessee commit)

    I believe he will be a Vol. Coach Elarbee is the real deal. The reason we have a chance to win 9 games this year again chance is because the Vol Oline will be one of the best. Addison understands this and is lifelong fan. Of course the QB will ultimately control win total but the QB will have...
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    21/22 Line-up Options

    I believe we are missing something in this discussion. First is off-season work with coaches. Could not do this last year due to covid as well as strength and conditioning. Second with Dye in lineup you do open the floor more she is a scorer i do not care if she shoots 3 she Averaged 20 plus...
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    Alexus Dye out of Troy commits

    Dye will be playing the 4 replacing KK mns not Davis. Dye is a major upgrade to KK. Even though KK battled and was a really good rebounder so is Dye. What Dye brings that KK couldn't is Athletic 4 that can stretch the D and drive and allows this team on D to trap more. Huge upgrade. Davis mns...
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    Alexus Dye out of Troy commits

    This young lady is a baller. And you can't have enough of them on your team. She lit up A&M in tournament and now she will be playing with the best talent she has ever played with. Great pickup. In CHRIST Alone
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    So which one is it?

    His biggest draw.
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    UT Basketball lands Aidoo

    Real my friend. Best overall class in Tennessee History. What makes it good is yes one and done Chandler and most likely BHH if he comes and reclassified but 3 other really talented kids that are here for 3 or 4 years for future. Home Run. In CHRIST Alone
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    UT Basketball lands Aidoo

    What a class. If the French player name escaping me was here a year earlier to get ranked which he would be top 100 player this class would be 2 with this commitment and if BHH commit and reclassifiy easy number 1 class. Welcome Me Aidoo. In CHRIST Alone

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