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    Tennessee QB Harrison Bailey enters NCAA transfer portal

    Will milton stay? And will we get another transfer qb?
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    What he said!!

    Iowa threw trash on the field THE SAME DAY!!! The jaguars did it the day after, and the bills did it on monday!!! But Tennessee fans are toxic and theyre the worst
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    Late 80s games and projectiles

    Tell some stories from the real strip
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    SEC Coaches we like/dislike and why

    Is Harsin actually a mormon?
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    Neyland crowd today

    75 is on the low end
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    Worst team in the SEC

    14. Vandy 13. USC Jr. 12. Miss St. 11. Tennessee/Missouri
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    Get these refs fired. NOW.

    Hooker 3rd down Jaylen Wright Touchdown Jeremy Banks Block in the Back on the Kick Return Touchdown Jeremy Banks Unnessesary roughness call Four of the worst calls of all time in ONE GAME Other ones that come to mind: 2019 Darrell Taylor Alabama Unnessesary roughness call Emmanuel Moseley...
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    Get these refs fired. NOW.

    Also on the kick return runback JEREMY BANKS DIDNT TOUCH HIM. Somebody show me when he touched him. Ill wait
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    What is YOUR record with the Vols?

    2008 Northern Illinois W 2008 Wyoming L 2009 Vanderbilt W 2010 UT-Martin W 2010 Oregon L 2011 Buffalo W 2011 Vanderbilt W 2012 Akron W 2013 South Alabama W 2014 Arkansas State W 2016 Missouri W 2017 Indiana State W 2017 Southern Mississippi W 2019 UAB W 12-2
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    Gender ratio of VN fans?

    what kinda **** chose option 3
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    Beckwith/Milton Option

    Listed at 6'3" but he's 6'5". Ever seen the picture of him standing next to Mark Ingram?
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    Beckwith/Milton Option

    Joe Milton 6'5" 244lbs. Dee Beckwith 6'5" 227lbs. Cam Newton 6'5" 245 Derrick Henry 6'5" 247lbs.
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    White cleats are back

    I'd like to see an orange helmet (as an alternate)
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    2nd favorite team

    Coastal Carolina
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    Name one offense & one defense former Vol you want back

    Cordarelle Patterson and Eric Berry
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    Will any of these Tennessee Football records realistically ever be broken?

    The Single season passing record will be broken this year by heisman candidate Harrison Bailey led by coach of the year Josh Huepel
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    The most heartbreaking Tennessee Football loss according to you?

    2015 Florida, 2017 Florida, 2009 Alabama
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    2012 Vols Where Are They Now

    Pretty sure Herman Lathers coaches at Grace Christian
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    Randomly meeting a Vol Stories

    Yooooo how did you manage that?

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