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    Kinda Excited about this Season. Agree?

    Whom with any self respect wants anything to do with Berkley East that has driven the Tennessee we used to love away?
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    New statues going up

    I think it's great putting statues up based on the color of someone's skin. Racism at it's finest. No wonder everyone has quit following UT like the plague. Berkley East.
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    Oklahoma and Texas have reached out to join the SEC (allegedly)

    Whom would blame them. Texas is all about self and ego. They have destroyed two conferences. Oklahoma would be a fine addition. way.
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    NIL Drew Gilbert “Bat Flip King” Shirt Sponsored by BreakingT

    It kept players acting like gentlemen unlike the video game playing 'all about me' generation. Of course, back then, it was all about team. Not now ...its draw attention to the individual.
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    NIL Drew Gilbert “Bat Flip King” Shirt Sponsored by BreakingT

    Back when I played you wouldn't ever see a bat flip or anything done for a batter to draw attention to himself because he would 'get one in the ear' even it had to carry over into the next year to get him.
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    Vitello Will Not Leave Tennessee. . .

    Word has leaked that Gruden wants the baseball job.
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    Has paying players legally changed your

    No, they destroyed any excitement and desire for many when they gave support to a certain movement last year. I'm forever done with them. Only know two people that even sparsely mention them.
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    Ole Miss extends Bianco. Mark him off LSU's list. Not liking this at all

    Just goes to show you a school can't just go out, throw money around, and get whomever they want. That's the case in any sport.
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    Anyone but Vandy…

    Nope, we are Southerners and pull for each other.
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    Aggie here rooting hard for Drew Gilbert and the REAL UT today!

    I was in early on encouraging A & M to come to the SEC. I was on your TexAgs board when you first decided to stay in the B12. Then, the Longhorn network changed everything. I was there, again, encouraging you to fall in with us. The grass roots movement to join the SEC from your fans was totally...
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    I come in peace...

    How can we do nothing but like the state that produced the Army of Northern Virginia and Robert E. Lee? You're fellow Southerners!
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    Has anyone seen The Rock recently.

    It's now an ungodly rock.
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    Stadium Downtown

    No one wants the Vols to play at the downtown stadium. That's just a ruse in an effort to gain support for a professional stadium back in Ktown. Can't you guys see through that? I don't want to go there myself. The current Smokies site in Kodak is clean and a wonderful setting for baseball. Not...
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    As Peyton would say.

    Now,now. We Southerners pull together. Hope there's a bunch of SEC teams there.
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    Tennessee baseball wins SEC East

    Puttiing a stadium in that part of town is putting lipstick on a pig. Not for me. I like going where the Smokies are now. No to an off campus field for the Vols.
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    Coming after Vitello

    If you want to torpedo attendance move the games off campus. The students WILL NOT come if so. I'm not interested in going back to the old Bill Meyer area. This will turn out just like every city in the South trying to revitalize their downtown area....putting lipstick on a pig.
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    What happened with Delmonico?

    I really liked Rod. Him and Larry Simcox held a coaches clinic for me. One of the top five things in life was the CWS in 2005. My youngest son, Andrew, was stationed at Offett Air Force Base at the time. He had worked out weekly with Moziello and Serrano and knew Rod. Believe it or not the Air...
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    Baseball Park And Fundraising Segments On Yesterday's Sports Source Edition On You tube

    The liberal position in which the university is has drove away several boosters/ donors. I have also heard them say the chancellor/regents did not stop the kneeling and they would never do anything ever again for Berkeley East.
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs #1 Arkansas Weekend Game Thread (Game 1 Friday @ 6:30 PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 12 PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 1 PM)

    Those orange and white unis are so much better without all the black in them we used to see.
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    Baby Boomers U.S. Worst Generation?

    Then you're not out in the real world where things are made and happen. I work for a Fortune 500 company and deal with hundreds of manufacturers and factories. It's the same story from owners, interviewers, floor managers, production managers, engineers, public utility presidents & ceo's...

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