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    Lady Vols Softball

    Is there a way to watch or listen to the fall ball game today?
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    Lady Vols Softball

    So will the incoming class of freshman bring anything notable to the table?
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    Lady Vols Softball

    So is it confirmed that Ally is leaving?
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    Lady Vols Softball

    Any news on Amanda?
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    Lady Vol Softball Schedule and start of play?

    I usually do not post on here unless I have a genuine question. With that being said, the Lady Vols started up practice again today, and I was wondering when we will see the schedule and know when the season starts. I have looked everywhere to see when the season starts and to see if we have a...
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    LV Softball Freshman Class

    There might already be a thread about this, but I was looking at the softball roster and we now have 6 freshman on the team. I remember the article talking about the three we signed, (West, Thompson, and McCachren) but when did we get the other three? Does anyone know how good they are and how...
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    Softball prediction

    On the eve of the first pitch for the LV’s, in your honest opinion, how good do we think the team is going to be this year? We were picked 2nd in the SEC, yet 12th in the nation. With solid pitching in Ashley Rogers and promising new comer Turner, and a really solid line up. (Best Ive seen from...

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