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    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    We can’t go shotgun and get a yard when they know what we are doing. Passing game has them guessing.
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    Hooker---Dave Style

    I think we should go ahead and settle with Beldar. We have the NCAA investigation, the thrown objects on the field, and now an ex-coach in the news saying negative things about the program. All of this will be used to negatively recruit against us. He will get something anyway. Let him walk off...
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    SEC fine from Saturday's activities

    $250,000. Thoughts?
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    The scoop and score ruling…

    That’s what I would want answered if I was Heupel. If it’s a fumble then the scoop and score should have counted. If forward progress was stopped Ole miss should have retained possession. 🤬🤬
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    Game day menu

    Buffalo Trace
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    I Actually Like What I Saw Today

    The blocked punt and the kick 6 were beautifully designed. I wish the kick 6 wouldn’t have been called back. Velus had some nice kick off returns also. We are in better hands than we have been in a long while.
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    What Are You Drinking Tomorrow Night?

    Modelo then Buffalo Trace.
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    '22 TN OT Jacob Hood

    Buck with another payday. Georgia broke out the Chick-fil-A bag.
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

    New town. New school. New team. New coach. New Defensive Coordinator. He hasn’t been in Powell but about a month. Whether you’re in shape or not that is a lot to adjust to.
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    Why are you a Vol fan?

    My uncle played for UT under majors. My cousins and I used to flags cars in when there were parking lots on game days on the strip. John Chavis spoke at my uncles funeral. Many Vols have eaten at my grandparents house. Neyland is Home.
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    '21 JUCO CB Roterius Torrence (Auburn commit)

    We had better get the roster filled before sanctions hit. How hard will it be to fill the roster being short of the 85 and having to deal with possible scholly reductions? We need to add some decent players to the roster and give the whole team good coaching. Then put the football on the tee and...
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    ‘23 TN OL Joe Crocker

    Is that you Sab?
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    '20 NV ILB Vai Kaho (San Diego State commit)

    If you have the football this kid is coming for your a**. The To'o and Kaho duo would wreck an offense.
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    '21 KY FS Jordan Lovett

    His film looks good. I forgot he is a junior watching his ints and tackles.
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    '20 GA RB Rashad Amos (uscjr commit)

    I agree that his film looks good. I miss the Hardesty spin move.
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    Prepare for War

    Following Saban is career suicide for any coach. What has Kirby done at Georgia with just as many 5 Star players? The coach that follows Saban will be gone in four years. Once the Gumps come down off that high horse the 2nd or 3rd coach after Saban might stick around a while.
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    Desmond Howard can suck it

    He just said the vols haven't been good since 2001. 🤬🤬

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