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  1. govols105

    Heupel win loss record afterbye week?

    Anyone know coach's record after bye week?
  2. govols105

    What player / position group is the difference maker tonight?

    Running game we can't run for 4 a pop it's over.
  3. govols105

    For all the Kiffin lovers.....

    He disrespected our traditions. He was showing tapes of how usc did things and trying to turn us into usc east.
  4. govols105

    KNS Article about Evans availability Saturday. [team injury updates]

    If he's out we lose. Our rbs left can't block or refuse to.
  5. govols105

    KNS Article about Evans availability Saturday. [team injury updates]

    IF Evans does not play we lose. We don't have any other running backs that block worth a crap.
  6. govols105

    Heupel owns Kiffin

    I expect no punting from Ole miss and onside kickoffs everytime. Hope coach is aware. Even a Ole miss onside kick to start the game.
  7. govols105

    while this game is exciting what does a loss do for the program moving forward?

    This game should be a classic and I think we can win but what if we don't? Does it further damage us fans and does program apathy set in deeper?
  8. govols105

    What are some things we need to fix for the next game?

    Over the middle defense. Get Tiyon Evans back for this game. Without him we lose period.
  9. govols105

    It's happening [Dark Mode]

    Why are we wearing these for usc dumb dumb dumb. Do it for Ole miss.
  10. govols105


    No excuse not to score 70 today!
  11. govols105

    Neyland Full Capacity Reduced?

    I go to the games not to be comfortable but to raise cane and support my vols to win, destroy and dismantle our opponents! Comfort is the last thing on my mind. If u want comfort stay home. I support adding seats or keeping capacity above 100,000. All this woke game day experience means nothing...
  12. govols105

    Evans “We’re gonna have some fun”

    Great bulletin board material, just shut up and win talk trash afterwards.
  13. govols105

    Our fanbase is absurdly negative

    We are sick of the suckage period. It's not rocket science and no excuse for it either. I go to the games scream til I can't talk for days stomp the bleachers so hard I bruise my calfs and we can't beat a team but 1 time in 17 years. I get called a negavol because I care too much though last...
  14. govols105

    The Official Tennessee @ #11 Florida Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    2nd half blow out here we come! the tennessee way! believe me i hope we some how win but we just imploded a great opportunity.
  15. govols105

    The Official Tennessee @ #11 Florida Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    should have ran up the middle and called his last time out then kicked.
  16. govols105

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    Tn 49 fla 24 Rushing yds tn 155 dee beckenwith
  17. govols105

    How many tickets sold to Pitt game?

    Heartbreaking it won't be full for Johnny. Covid, ticket prices and terrible on field performance and bad past administration's are why.
  18. govols105

    Hidden Keys to Victory: Pitt

    Slant coverage will make or break us. Also sideline quick outs and crossing patterns can we stop them?
  19. govols105

    Is Tennessee having an honorary captain like Pitt

    Bobby majors has been confirmed as our honorary captain for this.

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