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  1. kckempf

    CJH says Henry To’o To’o never seriously considered rejoining vols

    You wonder if he's just the best of some bad options, given the results. Calzada had one of the best days of any QB against Bama for something like a decade.
  2. kckempf

    Vols D No. 2 in FBS tackles for loss

    With all of the frustration on Corral's running last week, these negative plays eventually shut down drives. We're not going to put up good yards against numbers but we are going to limit scoring opportunities enough for the offense to get us a win, which is precisely what happened last Saturday.
  3. kckempf

    KenPom Dropped

    Preseason rankings are always silly but it feels like they’re extra silly for analytical systems. Do they have analytics on freshmen and transfers that they can somehow apply before the season?
  4. kckempf

    Josh Heupel genius

    Wild guess? Keep safeties high and make them move it slowly. 5 scoring drives for them and one was on a muffed punt after stopping them. I don't think they intended to allow so many 3rd and 4th down conversions but I think the defense largely did what it was intended to do.
  5. kckempf

    Fake injury situation needs to change

    Spraggins is an offensive player who wasn't trying to get a free substitution or slow down the game. They told him to go down so he wouldn't bother trying to rush off the field. That happens in games and it's no big deal. Systematically dropping the same players who just happen to be the ones...
  6. kckempf

    It's Official! Stop Your Wooing

    Just so you know, the meme is that the quote is a red flag in a relationship.
  7. kckempf

    Brandon Turnage had 14 tackles

    At least one safety is going to pick up a bunch of tackles in a 4-2-5 because there's always one in the box. If your linemen are focused on covering the gaps, that safety could be making those tackles near the line of scrimmage.
  8. kckempf

    Still work to do, but the Vols up 17 spots in USA TODAY NCAA re-rank poll following Missouri win

    That’s why the smart teams schedule two cupcakes in a row!
  9. kckempf

    Still work to do, but the Vols up 17 spots in USA TODAY NCAA re-rank poll following Missouri win

    Not sure #59 beating #88 will cause a jump like that.
  10. kckempf

    What Other Fans are Saying -- South Carolina

    Caslen was initially left off the list of semifinalist candidates for the president's job, but was crowbarred onto it after a candidate stepped down (he wasn't on the list of alternates, either). Even after that, he was not the favored candidate for the position, with students and faculty and...
  11. kckempf

    Texas and OU getting razzed for going to SEC - Vols - Mizzou game score called out...

    Of course they’re going to point out that we stomped Missouri this year and ignore that Missouri has beaten Florida 4 times this decade. They’ve done fine in the SEC, even without the resources Texas and Oklahoma will bring.
  12. kckempf

    I'm encouraged!

    Or Randy Sanders?
  13. kckempf

    The Official Tennessee @ Missouri Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    If you go for it there, you have a 30% chance of winning. If you don’t, you have a 0% chance. Literally the only reason you don’t go for it is if the big donors think it’s the right call to make. It’s exactly what Pruitt would do.
  14. kckempf

    The Official Tennessee @ Missouri Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Almost no situation in that game with that team where going for it on 4th and short is the wrong call. There’s enough of a talent disparity that it’s unlikely that another 35 yards will mean much against the Alabama offense.
  15. kckempf

    PFF — highest rated defensive lines

    Lost in all this talk about the relative strength of opponents is that the grades are for individual performance and execution, not for scheme or for play outcome. Most of our defensive linemen graded out above 70 for the Florida game, when we gave up over 7 yards per carry (something like the...
  16. kckempf

    PFF — highest rated defensive lines

    The line graded well for the Florida game but the linebackers graded very poorly.
  17. kckempf

    ‘22 CA C Yohan Traore

    Memphis’s history is well documented. There’s no reason not to be suspicious with them.
  18. kckempf

    Hooker injury (edit)

    Which ones do you recommend? Have any spoken on the record?
  19. kckempf

    Hooker injury (edit)

    The law’s privacy provisions apply to “covered entities”, which are various health care entities, not coaches or media or most likely you or me. Department of Health and Human Services defines the term here: Covered Entities and Business Associates
  20. kckempf

    Any positives from Saturday? Anyone?

    Defense looked like they knew what they were doing, just couldn’t always execute. Offense was very dangerous the entire game, despite the rough performances especially on the line. The upside to this offense is that it only takes one play to score from anywhere on the field, and they finally...

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