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    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    Former UT baseball coach Todd Raleigh tried to extort severance pay from UT after Raleigh was fired in 2011. Raleigh threatened to blow the whistle on infractions within UTAD if he didn’t receive a satisfactory settlement. My recollection is UT didn’t play ball with Raleigh, meaning no...
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    SEC fine from Saturday's activities

    A thousand feet?? Joe Milton can’t throw a mustard bottle that far!
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    Anyone Still Simping for Lane

    I’m one who never understood the attention given to Kiffin in general, and by UT fans in particular. He’s a good Offensive coach. At this point, I’d rather have Heupel. (I hope I still feel that way in 3-4 years!) Kiffin is a good coach, but UT can and should do better than him. I was only...
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    Alternative ways to make noise Saturday night.

    I’ll have to try that at home…
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    Alternative ways to make noise Saturday night.

    Older Vol fans can rattle their dentures and wheeze. But, don’t collapse to make noise since we’ll miss your noise on later plays and games. Seriously, wondering how to make a loud clapping sound when opponents are getting ready to snap the ball. Fans in lower end zone seats could be effective...
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    UT’s “Hall of Shame”

    Bob Maddox- Vol D Line coach one Spring until he was arrested for DUI and driving backwards on Kingston Pike (with his pants down) Todd Raleigh- Vol head baseball coach who tried unsuccessfully to extort UT for severance $ when he was let go Bob Kesling- In 23 years, he hasn’t learned he...
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    Corey Miller

    Lane skipped town before ever coaching Corey Miller. Fortunately Miller signed and played here anyway.
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    Were any of you there for the 98 Arkansas game?

    I was there. No voice and ears ringing for days. 100 I heard good banter between Vol fans after Vols turned ball over on downs with 2 minutes left. Huge logjam on stairs of fans waiting to leave thru portal. A Vol fan in his seat hollers at fans on stairs “I hope we come back and you guys miss...
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    Hall of famer #27 to be honored at halftime this week

    Little known fact: Al Wilson did not wear shoulder pads. He just flexed for 3 1/2 hours on ball game Saturdays.
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    Bumper sticker: Buy Into The Heup

    Majors- Attack! Attack! Attack! Fulmer- Work Like Heck
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    Weakest link: surprisingly wide receiver

    WR was actually an unproven position group before the season. Velus was established at the P5 level, and we knew Hyatt had some separation speed. Payton was a nice late addition. Otherwise, this group had a few potentially good players. Calloway and Merrill can become good. But, the hype for...
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    Hardy & Fields

    Hardy was pretty special. Big and rangy, and showed up in big games. He played outside LB in 4-3, but would have done really well in 3-4. He had the talent to do well in 2021 (if he could time travel).
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    Any word on Young's Eligibility yet?

    I think B Young is gonna play like a wild tiger, escaped after two weeks in a cage. Hopefully he and Baron will eventually remind us of Barnett and Maggitt. I was at USC game when Barnett and Maggitt (and Dobbs) drove Spurrier to drink postgame. Great memory.
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    Tim priest

    Bob Kesling sucks as Vol play by play guy in football. And he’s not good in basketball, either. Nice guy. But, we’re talking Vol radio announcers, not golf or travel partners. For Color, I liked Priest, but also like Pat Ryan. Granted Ryan is a little dry. But, he knows his football.
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    Combo Player Name Challenge

    Yeah, back when Arkansas had a QB with the last name Dick, somebody took a picture from behind the bench of their players Moore, Goode, and Dick standing side by side by side.
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    Milton Starter Limit Deep Passes

    I think I said this a couple of years ago here. Sadly, it’s still the situation: Knoxville is a drinking town with a QB problem. Seriously, I expect a legit QB audition against TTU. Not limiting vertical shots like OP suggested, nor the Ride or Die with Milton approach, even if he is healthy.
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    What is the story with Ramel Keyton?

    Jimmy Hyams reported a couple of days ago that Keyton missed the Bowling Green game due to CoVid.
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    Velus "Krystal" Jones

    Should help Velus’ separation speed!
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    Official depth chart for Pitt game

    SIAP, per UT’s game stats, these guys didn’t play in the opener: DL- Aubrey Solomon, Dom Bailey, Amari McNeill, Byron Young LB- Aaron Willis DB- Tyus Fields, Kamal Hadden QB- Harrison Bailey RB- Dee Beckwith WR- Ramel Keyton, Jimmy Calloway, Kaemen Marley TE- Miles Campbell, Julian Nixon...
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    Joe Milton Throw by Throw Breakdown

    Yes, the Satisfaction Level of VolNation would be a LOT higher if JM connected with Tillman on at least one of those two deep throws he missed, and if Hyatt caught two balls he dropped. Couldn’t tell on TV if JM was failing to spot open Receivers. Might have been some route issues. Not trying...

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