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    Where is Jaylen Wright?

    Not saying he is going to play but DB is making the trip to Alabama. That is not invisible ... it means he is making a move up the chart. His challenge has been understanding the offense ... but he is making progress. I will go out on the limb and say he makes the Participation List... grab your...
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    SEC refs

    Unfortunately, IF there is accountability for bad calls ... we are not aware of it ... which leads us to the conclusion that there is a 'covert cover up' in place. The fact that tapes are being sent in ... means that there is some kind of system of review. Again, unfortunately, it is not...
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    "Hooker's injury not long term." - CJH

    My read on Heupel's facial, verbal and physical ques (Note: I am not Matsumoto, Hwang , or Tim Roth): 1) On injury status ... flat face ... that is a canned response ... there is no 'truth' in those words. 2) The smile on recruiting question ... he is happy to answer ... that it was not a...
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    Aaron Hayden speaks the truth

    I got it! Let's ban the hurry up offense. That is easier than figuring out how to police the defense. Nawh... that is really blue font ... I just needed you to read it seriously so I had to leave it black and then take it back. :^))))))
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    Has our secondary

    FIFY ... I hope they have 12 men on the field every play of the game ... going to make scoring easy pesy.
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    142.2 dbA

    Actually, We only need 114 (Oklahoma level) for half the game!!!!! We want dead silence when we have the ball ... until our runner breaks clear for a long TD run or our receiver breaks clear with the ball in hand ... then we rumble into action with a cheer! Just watch it one more time (3 years...
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    Heupel owns Kiffin

    It is theory ... on Saturday we will be dealing with reality. I hope Saturday's results prove you are Einstein reborn.
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    Tradition? New things? Fun?

    We're waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiitinggggggggg???? I think I feel like Pavlov's dog .... I keep hitting F5 and hoping.
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    Amazing stats for defense

    I heard a defensive player [do not remember who it was], said something to the effect that the overall scheme from last year to Banks is basically the same ... but Banks has made it simpler. That would contribute to why the defense is performing at a higher level than most expected.
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    Ole Miss Depth Chart

    That just shows to go you ... that 'depth charts' are a meaningless scrap of paper ... Posted @ 6 hours ago RB Jerrion Ealy (concussion in the Alabama game), “We hope that he (Ealy) plays,” Kiffin said on Monday. Lane Kiffin updates the playing status of running back Jerrion Ealy [That means he...
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    Bowl Projection

    OUTback Bowl ... I like this spelling better in 2021!
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    The problem isn't whether Heupel is our future, but how do we retain him?

    When do we play IGA, is that after Krogers and before Food Lions ...." I jest, I jest, .... I just could not help myself! It just popped into my head. FIFY Sorry, but I think the crux of the matter is the investigation that is hung up in limbo/neutral/paperwork. That is the straitjacket for...
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    Here is why I think Vols beat Ole Miss

    No. 11 Kentucky loses DT Oxendine with lower leg injury Kentucky defensive tackle Octavious Oxendine will miss the rest of the season with a lower leg injury
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    Here is why I think Vols beat Ole Miss

    UT Defense > Ole Miss Defense UT Offense ? Ole Miss Offense (This one is hard to gauge statistically.) @LWSVOL what do you say ... I am sure you have watched everyone of their games. :^))))))) UT QB < Ole Miss QB (At first blush.) UT Crowd is the 'extra man' that makes it...
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    What do you think of this idea?

    How about .... Throwing popcorn in the air EVERY time we score ... this weekend against OLE MISS???? We can get some of that ORANGE Popcorn (here: Orange Popcorn - Gallon Bag - ) and mix it with the regular stuff, a drink cup and bam ... tossing that into the air would be so much...
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    SIAP-Why fans shouldn’t be worried after Tennessee Vols’ rough second half against South Carolina

    My brother's and I were on a three way phone call watching the game in 3 different states. Both of them are alumni. They were NOT happy with the first to series of the 2nd half. Then they 'ran the numbers." They started calculating the math and determined that at the rate that time was expiring...
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    Can Dee Beckwith get on the field?

    Remember this is a high school quarterback (if my memory serves me correctly). So, the fundamentals at RB are probably underdeveloped. Plus, he is learning a whole new set of offensive keys. How is his pass protection? I know it would be a dead giveaway to put Dee in and only run with him in the...
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    Portal Rule Rumor?

    Using Brian Maurer as an example. I am uninformed. How is 'transfer' defined? Is 'transfer' the date when you have "entered the portal"? Is 'transfer' the date when you "leave the current school"? Is 'transfer' the date when you "sign or enroll at another school"? Or does it take a combination...
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    Heupel: "Hendon will be the #1 this week."

    You misunderstood my point ... I am talking from a coaching standpoint of 'what ifs' ... and it was not about Hooker, but Milton being moved to another position. We have 71 scholarship players and people are wanting to "do something" with Milton after one good game at Mizzo. But I'll play...
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    Am I the only one that believes we got a shot?

    This season should be thought of in waves ... we are going to be on top of the wave a few times (and it will be glorious) and and in the trough some times (pit of despair for the nega's). But in no sense should we be thinking of this season as riding on the top of the tsunami wave. We have 70...

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