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    SEC refs

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    SEC refs

    I just wondered if it was a melting pot of fans from many different schools or if most employees were fans of the same school.
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    SEC refs

    Just curious and a serious question, how many people do you know who work in the SEC office in Birmingham?
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    Pete Buttigieg on paternity leave during supply chain crisis...

    Actually you did. It doesn't matter one way or another though.
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    Pete Buttigieg on paternity leave during supply chain crisis...

    Haha I knew you would use that SA article, it says 'But Jack Newman, a Toronto-based doctor and breast-feeding expert, insists that in order to produce milk, a hormone spike must occur. "That Tolstoy quote suggests that the father just put the baby to the breast and he would produce milk; I...
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    More Climate BS...

    It appears we are going to have to rethink our stance on using mental health facilities to handle a majority of these problems. Reopen them.
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    I am so ready for Georgia fans to come experience the new Neyland

    I would describe them as dense.
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    Recruits loved Neyland last night.

    He's got a five star heart!
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    Pulling out and heading down Emory rd to the interstate to go get this tailgate started, at least for me. I think everyone else has been there since sunrise. Go Vols!
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    What time is everyone arriving to campus?

    B Breakfast of Champions! Go Vols!
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    What time is everyone arriving to campus?

    If you are near the Methodist church on Cumberland and Henley, we are in the parking lot in the corner nearest the world's fair park. Be there at noon in new white 4runner and a silver MB. We are having a low country boil. Come on! Go Vols!
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    *****Freak's night before the Ole Miss game, admittedly off topic thread

    Finally first! Thanks for everything Freak!
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    President Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    The vector seems a bit skewed.
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    Electronic Parking Pass ?

    Send the pass to an email and then print it. I do it for everyone I get.
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    Were any of you there for the 98 Arkansas game?

    Exactly, I always expected to win every game during the end of the Major years and the fulmer years. We were there in the drizzle, hopefully soon we will start having those same feelings again. Go Vols!

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