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  1. thehill98

    Scariest Movie You’ve Seen?

    Good thread, I love horror movies. Not many that really scare me, but as I’ve gotten older certain scenes in some movies are kind of rough and cringy that I don’t feel comfortable watching them, several aren’t even in horror movies. With that said, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one...
  2. thehill98

    ESPN At It Again

    What bowl games are you speaking of? He was 3-1. Only lost to Nebraska. He torched Northwestern and Va Tech. He played very well against Ohio St, just not as much stats because it was a defensive game. That’s still probably the best bowl game I have seen that wasn’t for a title, both teams...
  3. thehill98

    Loudest game at Neyland you attended

    I was at this one as well, some of those plays were insanely loud. When Joey Kent caught the ball over the blitz and took it to the house and the whole last series that Leonard Little destroyed Kitchens were crazy.
  4. thehill98

    Loudest game at Neyland you attended

    I agree with a lot of you, 98 Florida. From the 90s to the mid 2000s, it was like a one game season. Those Florida home games were just different, the crowds and the volume.
  5. thehill98

    RIP College Football

    Actually, I would say Miami was that dominant for around a 20 year period. They had 5 natl titles with 4 different coaches, and I don’t know how many conference titles, and several years they played for a title if they had won the bowl. I would say from early 80s till 2002-4 was about as...
  6. thehill98

    Salaries for college athletes

    I think that you’re right, it is going to happen at some point if college football is going to continue at the big time level. I wonder when it does come to that, will they be like full time staff where they get paid and get their college paid for in the form of fee waivers, like some staff...
  7. thehill98

    NCAA agrees athletes can make money from their fame

    I think it depends on the school, but why not? If I was an AD or coach, I’d persuade my boosters to hire all my players and guarantee recruits a certain amount. If a booster is going to give a few million a year anyway, why not use it for the players. That will lead to winning quicker than...
  8. thehill98

    12 Team CFP

    That brings up an interesting question that I always kind of enjoyed about college football, is that half the teams in a bowl game got to feel reasonably good at the end of the season even without winning it all. If you were an Auburn fan back in 04, would you feel better about going 13-0 and...
  9. thehill98

    Salter charged with misdemeanor

    I agree. With Salter, he should have been smarter and not make this type of mistake, especially after what just happened with him recently.
  10. thehill98

    Salter charged with misdemeanor

    Just on the marajuana issue, i know everyone has their own opinion. But it comes back to should everything that could be harmful be banned? If so, we would have nothing. What makes no sense to me is that most everyone thinks in the near future it will be legal, so why should we continue to...
  11. thehill98

    US Supreme Court Approves College Athletes payments

    What’s your opinion on how it will eventually play out? Will players at specific schools or conferences unionize? Do you think some smaller schools will give up completely, and larger schools form a separate association or alliance?
  12. thehill98

    Theory For Recruiting Problems

    How did TN backdoor themselves in the last 2 championship game appearances? I’ve seen this before about the 07 season, never heard it about the 04 season. Both years we had the best record in the East, in 04 we only had one conference loss. We played toe to toe with both opponents those...
  13. thehill98

    With College Football Playoff change looming, a 12-team model leads the way

    The larger the playoffs get, the less you need regular season games. I agree with several above, with 12 teams or more eventually, I don’t know why you need conference championships. And really, when you keep going, will you need many out of conference games? The good teams are going to meet...
  14. thehill98

    Most disappointing bowl loss

    It sucked that we couldn’t hold onto the ball at all in the second half. Their defense couldn’t stop us, we just couldn’t hold onto the ball. Probably would’ve been a 59-56 type game if it hadn’t started raining and we could’ve held onto the ball.
  15. thehill98

    Most disappointing bowl loss

    I don’t know that you can adequately say that teams bowl performances are much of an indicator of anything, as you said Butch Jones had his teams looking good in bowl games. Tennessee absolutely had no interest in either of those peach bowls you mention, I know that they should go out and...
  16. thehill98

    Most disappointing bowl loss

    While I agree with all of these mentioned, bowl games are funny things. Sometimes you can just tell the teams don’t care about being there and barely show up. While I want them to win every game, some of those years the teams are disappointed they’re not at a better bowl or some players used...
  17. thehill98

    Theory For Recruiting Problems

    I don’t think it’s ever as easy as one thing. Did competition get better? Absolutely. Philip helped usher in the dominance of the SEC, and the whole conference seemed to improve greatly over the 2000s. But also don’t forget how many programs in the conference had serious NCAA troubles during...
  18. thehill98

    Jay Graham or Reggie Cobb ?

    Cobb was more talented, but Graham had better career here. He also had some home run plays that I’ll never forget.
  19. thehill98

    Most Surprising Vol Win?

    This was a good one as well. Weren’t we a 13 or 14 point dog to them that day? While we certainly had some let downs under Phil, he did have a few big upsets along the way as well.
  20. thehill98

    Most Surprising Vol Win?

    I’d agree with this one. There’s been a lot mentioned, and some games were very improbable comebacks. But this is one where I think most people thought we’d be doing good just to make it competitive. This was toward the end of Miami’s last dominant run, but they still were loaded with talent...

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