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  1. VOLnMiami

    Barnes fires back at Pruitt allegations

    Sorry I started a thread with the same article in the football forum...My bad lol...Continue parties
  2. VOLnMiami

    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    Are you kidding?..They have so much on him that he would be ludicrus to even consider fighting it...Pruitt is going to completely ruin his career if he even attempts to fight this thing...I hope he does honestly, It'll be hilarious!
  3. VOLnMiami

    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    Don't insult marbles that way!
  4. VOLnMiami

    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    I hope UT lays the wood to that loser!
  5. VOLnMiami

    LSU coaching search will be interesting

    Soooo Jimbo could wind up being A&M's Kiffin....Interesting
  6. VOLnMiami

    Wazzu coach fired for failing to get vaccinated.

    He was fired with cause.
  7. VOLnMiami

    New SEC Shorts with Vol Reference

    I was just coming over here to post that video!...Hilarious!
  8. VOLnMiami

    "Hooker's injury not long term." - CJH

    Absolutely...In football and basketball.
  9. VOLnMiami

    "Hooker's injury not long term." - CJH

    Ok all good points so....You want us to start Bailey and let him end his career at UT with a blowout loss?
  10. VOLnMiami

    "Hooker's injury not long term." - CJH

    Oh thank goodness!...Let him rest for the Bama game, no use risking him in that one...Let Milton run some people over and maybe he'll connect on some long passes this time...I hope he's been working on his touch passes.
  11. VOLnMiami

    Coach Lane Kiffin will never consider returning to UT to coach

    Of course he trolled us and taunted us and he gets away with it why?...Because our fanbase is STUPID!!!...My god it was never this way but this guy has gotten so far under the fans skin that he absolutely LOVES being the villian!...And you dumba$$es keep feeding him and he keeps on making you...
  12. VOLnMiami

    Recruits loved Neyland last night.

    I take it you don't follow recruiting very much huh?...#1 duel threat QB loved what he saw...We need a player like him.....Learn your football.
  13. VOLnMiami

    Information needed [injury updates?]

    I didn't like the way he was being carried off the field...i hope it wasn't anything serious but i have seen that walk before and it makes me nervous....Regardless, If he is hurt we need to get behind Milton and not make him think the entire VOLnation hates him...Kid came here to play for us and...
  14. VOLnMiami

    Orgeron gone at season’s end

    If i was coach O I wouldn't have settled for anything less than the complete buyout the way they are treating him.
  15. VOLnMiami

    Josh Heupel genius

    I love what he is doing here with as little players as he has and no depth at all he is winning and competing with good teams down to the wire...We're gonna get better and i believe he will build us a strong winner over time.
  16. VOLnMiami

    "Most Warrior like"

    I'm irish and would never do the stupid crap those morons did last night...Those bozo's made us the laughing stock of the entire nation...Here we are playing our hearts out and trying to get back to being a SEC powerhouse where we belong and after all the bad things that have happened to us good...
  17. VOLnMiami

    Yeah pretty much!
  18. VOLnMiami

    Leaving the SEC

    Well look at the source....
  19. VOLnMiami

    Yeah after laughing his butt off he will happy to show that letter to his shredder.
  20. VOLnMiami

    To the Players

    Oh yeah I am sure you are just perfect in every way and have never made a mistake in your life...You are no better than those idiots throwing stuff on the field...Go away!

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