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  1. give_him 6

    Milton has some competition....

    Joe Milton has no business being on an SEC football field and that includes Candy too.
  2. give_him 6

    LSU coaching search will be interesting

    Two names that would be on my list if I were AD at LSU: 1. Mario Cristobol - Hear his name associated as eventually replacing Saban, but that could be a while. 2. Lincoln Riley - If money isn't an object (my assumption), why not? He'll be in the conference in a year or two anyway.
  3. give_him 6

    Ole Miss To Replace Rebels

    Yes. This is hilarious. My wife teaches 4th grade and was just talking about fainting goats tonight.
  4. give_him 6

    Urban Meyer to Jaguars

    Daggum....Urban won a game.
  5. give_him 6

    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    UT about to write a fat check to the SEC
  6. give_him 6

    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    As if we didn’t need another black eye as fans. This is embarrassing.
  7. give_him 6

    Phone light show like in basketball

    Seems like a good way to install malware on 100,000 phones in one setting.
  8. give_him 6

    Oregron will make a lot as a consultant

    He's going to get back to his roots and what he does best. Selling Hummers.
  9. give_him 6

    Tennessee Slowly Becoming The New Clemson

    There is definitely some correlation between the downfall of our program and the rise of Clemson over the past 15 years.
  10. give_him 6

    Spencer Rattler

    I remember reports on him in HS that he was a terrible teammate. Don't think he would fit what Heup is building here.
  11. give_him 6

    Did NOBODY on the Staff Or Field Think SC may Fake the Punt?

    I always wore a Cowboy Collar under my shoulder pads.
  12. give_him 6

    Urban Meyer to Jaguars

  13. give_him 6

    LSU(3-2,1-1) @ #16 Kentucky(5-0,3-0) 7:30 PM SECN

    Who takes over as interim coach for Coach O on Sunday?

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