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    More Climate BS...

    It will take the American people being put into a more uncomfortable spot than they are in now to really shut these lunatics down. When that happens....look out.
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    They’re Banning FJB and Let’s Go Brandon

    What's really hilarious is the crying and screaming from the lefties during Trumps administration about our allies not trusting us. Now look what we have. A cognitively declining, weak bag of bones that some of our strongest allies are openly questioning.
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    China Thread

    Not anyone who's been in politics for a while. Many have been lobbied to death and are getting their palms greased. It would take something major.
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    China Thread

    First things first: We must start manufacturing important things here again like antibiotics and electronic components. Then we must expel all Chinese students from our universities and put them on a plane home. They are spies, plain and simple. They take what they have learned back home and...
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    They’re Banning FJB and Let’s Go Brandon

    I'll say it again; Joe Biden was the best the Democrats could trot out there.....and he is a stone cold loser. That means that all the other people in the Democratic primary were even bigger losers to Dem voters. Now think about that for a minute, and think about who they may run for the White...
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    Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)

    It happens in the NFL too. I remember the game where the Patriot fans were throwing ice balls and the opposing players and refs.
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    You know, there could be an upside to all of this.

    From being that age at one time. If anything it juiced them up more. If they were negatively affected then we may not want them here anyways. We need kids with bellies full of fire.
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    You know, there could be an upside to all of this.

    Here are a few rule changes that would help everything: 1) Allow cups only in the stands. No bottles. Although as we saw in the Patriots game a few years back when people were throwing ice balls, where there is a will, there is a way. 2) If you are "injured" you must sit out for the rest of...
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    You know, there could be an upside to all of this.

    Not a single recruit was negatively affected by what they saw last night, not one.
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    Who has big enough “balls”………

    Might want to fact check yourself on that one.
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    '22 QB IN Tayven Jackson (UT commit)

    Wonderful throw on the run! I am very excited about this kid. Hopefully Hooker stays another year and this fellow will get a year to develop his game. He's got all the tools.
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    Has our secondary

    Exactly, and there is the difference. Tennessee is also faster over all in certain areas, such as WR.
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    President Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    Exactly, though for the time being I think they have over played their hand.
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    Pete Buttigieg on paternity leave during supply chain crisis...

    Yep. Who's mommy and who's daddy? This will be an interesting birds and the bees conversation to "their" kids someday.
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    Los Angeles Scrubs Catholic Saint From Park After Statue Torn Down

    They're a bunch of Satanic Commies.
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    For all the Kiffin lovers.....

    I couldn't believe he told Boyd to look else where. What a horrible decision.
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    Favorite alcoholic beverage

    I just fill my cooler or fridge full of regular beer and I'm good. Whether it be Coors Light, Miller Lite, Labat Blue, Dos Equis, Busch, or even financial light (natural light).....Sometimes a combo of a couple.......I'm fine because I'm generally getting lit up win or lose.
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    Favorite alcoholic beverage

    No that's an interesting flavor combo. I generally just put Kalua in my coffee from time to time.

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