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    Backyard Bird Watchers

    You can enter your counts in the Great Backyard Bird count for several days after the 14th. You don't have to count every day, one day or part days
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    Dave Ramsey Advice

    Ramsey's typical advise is : cut up the credit cards and deliver pizza for quick cash.
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    Backyard Bird Watchers

    bird count starts today.
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    Backyard Bird Watchers

    Great Backyard Bird Count February 12-15, 2021. Fun to see how many species of birds you can find.
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    Kim English

    Wimp Sanderson at Alabama
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    Large Explosion in downtown Nashville

    yes he is and also a Harvard grad.
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    Large Explosion in downtown Nashville

    His dad, Prentice Cooper was Governor and his brother Jim Cooper is a Congressman
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    Large Explosion in downtown Nashville

    Locals call the AT&T building the Batman building due to its shape.
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    Modern day 40 acres and a mule?

    TVA took land in a lot of places. Stewart County, TN and in KY. for the Land Between the Lakes. In Maury County, TN. for the Columbia dam which was partly built, then torn down after a lawsuit over mussels, land was never returned to original owners.
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    Modern day 40 acres and a mule?

    The Chinese use feed additives for their fish food which are illegal (carcinogenic) in the US. I have seen film of some of their fish ponds, look a lot like open sewers.
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    Modern day 40 acres and a mule?

    The catfish farming industry used to be huge in Mississippi and other places. Cheaper catfish imported from China put many of them out of business.
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    Quotes That Sum Up This Team

    pitiful, pitiful, just plum pitiful. Jed Clampett
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    William Faulkner and The Third Saturday In October

    I'm even older, when I was in school the BEAR was mauling us every year.
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    They took away Easter, now Thanksgiving & Christmas will be next

    need to ax New Years Eve, All those parties with drinking, dancing and midnight kissing, could be deadly.
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    UT men’s basketball

    grad transfer from Hampton in VA.
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    Martin Methodist College to Join UT System?

    University of North Alabama in Florence also gives in-state tuition to students from Southern Middle TN.
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    '21 TN PG Kennedy Chandler (Tennessee commit 08.14.20)

    Great to get these 5 star instate kids. Keep 'em coming GBO
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    Marxist Black Lives Matter

    don't forget White Lilly flour
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    How many of you have/had Covid19

    both my daughters and 6 grand kids were also born there, it's ok for birthin' babies.
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    How many of you have/had Covid19

    Sorry to hear it. Like I said, I've had 4 surgeries there and they went well. My bad experience was at St. Thomas-midtown. Bad things can happen in any hospital.

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