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  1. GreveHaller

    Source of thrown items?

    if you're bringing golf balls and mustard bottles to a football game you've already decided you're throwing stuff
  2. GreveHaller

    For the 102,405 who showed class…

    at least we didnt throw pizz bottles at them like Florida fans did to the POTSB
  3. GreveHaller

    5 keys to beat Ole Miss

    someone needs to take this to the game
  4. GreveHaller

    Vince Young Game Worn Jersey

    hate to tell you OP but you're probably not getting bites on this one. This is more like something you'd get at a garage sale thrown in with a purchase of a used shovel or picture frame
  5. GreveHaller

    Vols 9.5 favorites vs SC

    sportsbook has it at -10
  6. GreveHaller

    Did you graduate from UT? Degree?

    yes. BA major Econ minor Business Admin. 88
  7. GreveHaller

    How long do you think we have to wait now?

    hey look. Another instant gratification thread
  8. GreveHaller

    The 43rd Ryder Cup

    I’m representing at the Ryder
  9. GreveHaller

    The 43rd Ryder Cup

    it averages 90 bunkers per hole. They are more waste bunkers than sand bunkers. filled with pebbles and rocks. walking the course as a spectator is like going mountain climbing. Second day I began wearing my golf shoes just to have grip.
  10. GreveHaller

    The 43rd Ryder Cup

    I’ve never seen a coarse like this. It’s straight out of a video game. US will be lucky to pull this off. The course and the weather are right out of Europe
  11. GreveHaller

    Tennessee 2022 Schedule is set

    how many more MAC teams we got to play before we're done with that conference?
  12. GreveHaller

    Radio broadcast

    you dont know who "the old guy" is, do you?
  13. GreveHaller

    Florida -17.5

    is 17.5 the o/u on how many times Tim Tebow will be mentioned? if so might take the over
  14. GreveHaller

    Game Clock not operating, why does this happen?

    it ran because Mr Saban told them to run the clock
  15. GreveHaller

    #1 Alabama vs #11 Florida Game Thread (CBS 3:30PM EDT)

    if we were in this situation we'd run it up the middle
  16. GreveHaller

    Do we want Florida to win or lose tomorrow?

    the rule of thumb is to always pull for a western div team over an eastern div. When one of our division rivals loses it only helps us more That being said, must pull for gators this time. Since we dont have a chance this year at Atl, any bama loss is a good/fun loss. Run up the score...
  17. GreveHaller

    AAC eyes Mtn West teams and UAB

    you do realize that saying bamawriter and dumbass is redundant
  18. GreveHaller

    4-8, 5-7 or 6-6?

    there's a good reason vegas set the o/u on wins at 6. They build big buildings because they know what they're doing

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