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  1. ThreatLevelOrange

    Neyland decibel record

    Considering we used to seat over 5k more.
  2. ThreatLevelOrange

    With Hooker out this means......

    Our rapidly diminishing depth is the elephant in the room. Vandy came pretty close to being 3-3. I’d be more worried about slipping up vs them than I am about beating Alabama, Georgia or even Kentucky. 6-6 with 2 close losses to ranked teams is nothing to be disappointed about.
  3. ThreatLevelOrange

    With Hooker out this means......

    Kentucky may not average 40 points a game, but why is this considered a game “we should win?” They beat Fla (which seems be impossible for UT), and pounded an LSU team that also beat Fla. And although the outcome wasn’t in doubt, they lost by 17 to Georgia without 2 of their best DTs...
  4. ThreatLevelOrange

    Pete Thammel Hit Piece

    Pete Thamel…hit piece. That’s redundant.
  5. ThreatLevelOrange

    Solution to fake injuries

    It should be like the movie “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” A doctor should check the affected area hard enough to hurt him if wasn’t already hurt. The exception might be the shot to the junk that Taylor got. We all know that hurts.
  6. ThreatLevelOrange

    Has our secondary

    Pitt has one of the top offenses in the country. But it’s one dimensional.
  7. ThreatLevelOrange

    Favorite alcoholic beverage

    Bud Light orange except it’s super easy to drink those fast. Shots of Jack or moonshine for when the victory is in hand
  8. ThreatLevelOrange

    Sounds like Darel Middleton wants to come back.

    He’s already like a 7th year senior.
  9. ThreatLevelOrange

    Can Dee Beckwith get on the field?

    An athlete without a position that isn’t playing special teams. That should tell you.
  10. ThreatLevelOrange

    Theo Jackson worked with Turnage after learning he was sitting

    Our roster can be turned over. The culture of losing and excuses was gonna take longer. I’d say this is a very good sign.
  11. ThreatLevelOrange

    The problem isn't whether Heupel is our future, but how do we retain him?

    I’m taking the half full approach. If we start to win consistently, UT is as good as any job in the country.
  12. ThreatLevelOrange

    Chance at an 8 win season

    If we win 8 - despite our worsening depth - he deserves consideration for SEC coach of the year. 6 is almost certain 7 is possible 8 is extremely unlikely I’m happy with 6 and curb stomping teams we are similar to.
  13. ThreatLevelOrange

    ESPN FPI now favors Vols over Rebels & Cats

    FPI is a joke. Didn’t they have miss st as a top 10 team this preseason?
  14. ThreatLevelOrange

    Juwan Mitchell OUT for the year

    Depth is the elephant in the room.
  15. ThreatLevelOrange

    Does the recent play get us in on an Elite “23 QB?

    “Good overall” isn’t elite.
  16. ThreatLevelOrange

    Does the recent play get us in on an Elite “23 QB?

    Tua had 3 different OCs at Alabama. Daboll, Locksley, and Sarkisian. So it’s hard to know who gets the lions share for developing him.
  17. ThreatLevelOrange

    71 scholarship players

    I think you’re close. No limits on who can dress at home. But you can only play 80. Regardless, would have to fill this with at least a few walkons Squad Size.pdf
  18. ThreatLevelOrange

    71 scholarship players

    It’s all relative. Other teams - like Arkansas’s 11 - have 6th year seniors beyond the 6 you include for us. We are still at a disadvantage numbers wise vs every team we play.
  19. ThreatLevelOrange

    71 scholarship players

    Yep. And we can’t have guys like Beckwith that don’t even see the field on special teams.

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