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  1. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    KNS Article about Evans availability Saturday. [team injury updates]

    Maybe not but there is a small dropoff when going from Evans to Small and then a major dropoff to #3. Small hasn't played in a couple of weeks and I sure hope he is back.
  2. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Two former Vols on Evans

    I wasn't talking about gameday jerseys, I'm talking about the overall fan gear that is purchased and how it's 18 shades of orange.
  3. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Two former Vols on Evans

    I don't know why but our UT orange is a different shade by every manufacturer and it drives me crazy. I was commenting about it to my wife when they were showing close ups of the fans on Saturday.
  4. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Hooker >Dobbs

    Yeah, like none
  5. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    You guys got me?

    I woke up feeling the cheesiest coach!!
  6. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Hardy & Fields

    Still two of my all time favorite players! Fields was a MAN
  7. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Florida -17.5

    I agree on your comparison between UF & Bama. I didn't see a top 5 NFL pick at corner for Bama, or the unblockable Dlineman, or the 1st round NFL WR, or the first round NFL RB, or LB. That team looks beatable for the first time in forever to me. I think UGA wins the SEC this year.
  8. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Former Vol Parys Haralson has passed away

    This is Terrible news! Is it just me or has UT had waaay too many past players pass away in recent years? Another player passed just a couple of weeks ago right? Also recall Harry Galbreath and Jesse Mahelona off the top of my head.
  9. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    I didn't get to watch the game

    No, there were 2 walk-in TD overthrows by Milton. Also there was one deep pass that was on target that hit Hyatt in the hands and he dropped it although he did have a DB there. He was in position though.
  10. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Harrison Bailey

    You guys all act like we were a top 5 team upset by Troy. Relax, it is a major rebuild and was never gonna be a big year. I saw some exciting stuff on offense that we haven't seen for years. Give it a little time and hopefully it will grow into something but please don't pretend like we were...
  11. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    SatudaydownSouth predicts Bailey to replace Milton in game today. Could be??

    We win today if Hooker had played 4 quarters.
  12. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Vols Release 2021-2022 Basketball Schedule

    That OOC schedule is legit
  13. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Chip Kelley. I can remember….

    I was never too impressed with Chip but their running game and the RB in particular is legit.
  14. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Front 4

    You are correct on that one
  15. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Front 4

    You are a piece of work. I did ask and if you don't know why then stop responding. If you do know why, how about your share that knowledge with me about why Emerson left?
  16. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Front 4

    I didn't say I didn't know, I said why did Emerson leave. I don't know why. Your response was worthless.
  17. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Front 4

    Why did Emerson leave? I felt like he and Middleton were gonna be the best interior linemen we had.

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