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    I will never be embarrassed to be a Tennessee fan.

    It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol!
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    Poll: Fan Behavior

    I really hate that happened to your daughter and her friend. No excuse for behavior towards anyone like that. It just takes a few idiots to mess things up for everyone.
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    Pictures of Warren down on terrible spot?

    I would think with all the money ESPN rakes in from SEC football, they could get a camera on each side of the stadium for different angles just for spot calls like that. That might take out some of the controversy on some calls.
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    Call The SEC Office (phone number inside)

    I didn’t realize it, but someone on one of the call in shows said the crew that worked this game was the same one that made the terrible calls in the Mississippi State/Memphis game earlier this season. I’m not sure if college refs get graded on their performance like pro ones do or not, but it...
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    Poll: Fan Behavior

    That crap is all espn and the other networks are taking about from our game instead of how we took ole miss down to the wire with an undermanned team in a year some people expected us to win 3-4 games tops. Kiffin is eating it up loving the attention, and all UT gets is bad PR taking away from...
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    Ole Miss fake injuries

    They need to change the rule to where guys have to sit out the possession instead of one play when they go down.
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    Sounds like Darel Middleton wants to come back.

    He’s back in the portal.
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    Sounds like Darel Middleton wants to come back.

    I’d say coach Garner would have a lot of say so on if he could come back or not. If he wanted him back, I’d be all for it.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Darell Middleton’s tweet where he said he never should have left. Grass wasn’t greener on the other side for him sounds like. I’d say a lot of guys that bailed thinking this was a sinking ship are regretting it now that the Vols are rolling and having fun exceeding expectations.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Bet Middleton won’t be the last one regretting leaving here either.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Ole Miss

    Tennessee 42 Ole Miss 41 Tiebreaker 1071 yards
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    Here’s why I think ole miss wins

    It’s just great to be able to have a conversation about a game like this. The last few years we would have gone into this game knowing we had no shot, because we had no offense. Hoping some of the Neyland magic comes back Saturday night!
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    12:00 games don’t help either. Winning consistently will bring the big crowds back. I bet next Saturday night will have lots more folks there. Excited already!
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    Brandon Turnage had 14 tackles

    He had a great first game. His ability to play like that when his number was called shows he’s been putting in the work and was prepared for his opportunity. Players like him are how we can make up ground quicker using the portal as we build recruiting back up.
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    ‘21 NY PG Zakai Zeigler (Tennessee Signee)

    Cline played out of his mind that game. Made me so mad the crap shots he was throwing up and hitting. I think he scored 7 or 8 points the next game after they beat us.
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    Can Dee Beckwith get on the field?

    I’m hoping the fact he hasn’t hit the portal yet is a good sign that he is still working at it trying to earn his spot. A lot of guys this day and time that don’t get the playing time they expect would have quit the team already. I saw him in one of the videos where the black uniforms were...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: South Carolina

    Tennessee 35 South Carolina 17 Tiebreaker 177 yards
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    Dee Beckwith status?

    I don’t think he has played a snap this season yet, and he hasn’t traveled to the road games. I think the coaches mentioned in some press conferences he is still trying to learn the RB position and getting his pad level right and become a better blocker.
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    Miss State about to upset the Aggies

    Good for them. as long as they aren’t playing us, I hope MSU does well, just because of the Pirate. You don’t have to worry about getting the generic coach speak. He’s actually an interview that’s fun to watch. Definitely one of a kind.
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    Five years ago on this day

    That feels like a lifetime ago when we were competing with the big boys. That was a great day. I really thought we were back at that point.

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