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  1. SlyStone

    Curtis Givens III TN 2024 PG

    Curtis Givens III out of MUS 2024 is slated for a visit to Knoxville on Oct 15-16. He had a great showing at the NBA Academy Invitational with The Skills Factory in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Considered a rising point guard out of Memphis with offers from Georgetown and the Illini. His visiting...
  2. SlyStone

    Why The Heup Will Have Us Winning

    Sounds like Colin Robinson from, "What we Do in the Shadows". The Energy Vampire.
  3. SlyStone

    Blue Ribbon has Vols #10

    It should be much better than last year.
  4. SlyStone

    ‘22 TN SF Brandon Miller

    Middle Tenn has a growing fan base for Bama. I know it's sad, but UT has to start winning to get that turned around.
  5. SlyStone

    ‘22 NC CG Jalen Hood-Schifino

    So it's down to Indiana or Tenn for this kid.
  6. SlyStone

    Baileys future if he isnt named the starter?

    So, this ain't about Victor? :p
  7. SlyStone

    Rotation for 2021-2022

    I believe we'll see more production from ORN than Plavsic.
  8. SlyStone

    For New/Infrequent Posters – The Rules Thread

    Who updates the front page? Please update the pic on the front page.
  9. SlyStone

    Jordan Bone or Tony Harris?

    Tony Harris
  10. SlyStone

    Allan Houston or Dale Ellis?

    Dale Ellis without question. He had more intangibles. His defense alone is what stands out to me.
  11. SlyStone

    Mashack excelling in CIF-SS playoffs

    Defense is what will get him playing time.
  12. SlyStone

    Any chance we could get AJ Bramah?

    So that's what those guys in those helmets do?!
  13. SlyStone

    Large, raw DT transfer from Kansas commits

    Interesting subject header. Large and Raw. Wow.
  14. SlyStone

    What will be the 'X Factor' for next year's team?

    X factor is Kennedy Chandler.
  15. SlyStone

    2022 Target List

    I like the line up, but would insert Justin Powell in the back court due to his range and size. Chandler Powell JJJ BHH the Fulk
  16. SlyStone

    2022 Target List

    Good Coaches let player play through their mistakes sometimes. Getting pulled right after making one, getting chewed out on the sideline before sitting is coaching the guys up if they can receive it as that. I think for some it gets old. This fall he has some young studs that will have games...
  17. SlyStone

    2022 Target List

    I'm not sure I see Coach Barnes rolling with 3 BIGS on the floor. History at UT he seems to prefer a 3 guard rotation with two BIGS or even 4 guards w/FULK with JJJ being that SF. Either way he has more and better pieces to play with this fall.
  18. SlyStone

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    One thing about Jarnell is he would rebound his azz off for you, but at 6'8" he still gave up some length. But made up for it in strength. Once his paws were on the ball you weren't getting it away from him.
  19. SlyStone

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Had a chance to see Brooks in HS at Memphis Melrose. The kid had range then that was unreal. Of course those Memphis Melrose teams were always loaded with talent.
  20. SlyStone

    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    Like with all Freshman there will be growing pains as they have to elevate their game to the D1 level and mesh as a unit. Looking forward to seeing them compete. Hoping for the best as many of them will likely be one and done.

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