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    Barnes fires back at Pruitt allegations

    It all goes back to fulmer man. How the hell we let him back in the building amd let him make this hire is so freaking bizarre. How in the hell he sat there in an interview with Pruitt and thought ya this is who I want to be the face of our football program is criminal. I know it wasn’t always...
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    SEC refs

    I disagree that multiple angles showed he didn’t make the line to gain. The yellow long was between the 40 amd 39 but in actuality touching the 40 would’ve been a first down. While you could tell exactly where the ball was when his thigh touched down mist would place it at the 40. But because...
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    SEC refs

    I agree with this completely. But I’d add that I e been frustrated with the way replay is administered from the very beginning. The problem is…why does the call on the field stand unless there is irrefutable/unquestionable/dna evidence sufficient to overturn it? The official in charge of the...
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    I will never be embarrassed to be a Tennessee fan.

    I honestly believe in time it will have the opposite effect as what you believe. Our coaches will eventually begin to sell the pandemonium that is neyland stadium amd how passionate our fans are. I think recruits will eat it up. None of the ones at the game have said anything negative.
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    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    It’s all just posturing. If it actually goes to trial and Tennessee starts to expose specific incidents which led to his firing Pruitt will become the butt of all jokes related to coaching and burn his career for ever as a college football coach. He was straight out handing recruits bags of...
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    SEC refs

    The real issue I have is the at the ruling on the field requires irrefutable/overwhelming evidence to overturn. When you look back at the spot call the ref in charge of the spot was exactly 20 yards behind the play and close to 20 yards across the field. He was a really long ways off. When we...
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    5 punts in 1st half

    I didn’t think heupel/hooker had their best day. I counted 3 times we had a good drive stall by running on 1st and 2nd (for no gain or net loss)…only to then take a deep (low percentage) shot on third. Then we elected to either try the fg or punt on 4th. Compare that to them…they are thinking 4...
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    Thinking out loud…

    Who cares. Woke guys like herbsteet are always going to bitch and criticize everything and everyone. It was that big of a deal. And as a few days have passed I honestly do believe it kinda helps us with recruits. Coaches can sell that we are a hostile environment to play in and the most...
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    How much more can Hype do to get Milton right?

    As a qb you have it or you don’t. Hard to access what it is but over the course of a couple of games you notice it. And Milton most certainly doesn’t have it. He reminds us all of Jg. Getting sacked from behind when he should’ve felt the pressure, errand passes, running when there’s no lane...
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    If the fans showing displeasure at refs in Neyland hurts you

    I don’t think he was short. But I knew for a fact the call would stand. This whole we have to have irrefutable evidence thing is such BS. The official that spotted the ball was around 20 yards behind the play when our kid goes down. Why would the replay official not spot the ball where he...
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    I’ve typed this a million times but it’s just so damn hard to be a vol fan. I really believe our program is cursed. Every single break in the game went their way. From a td being taken away to the ball just bouncing their way, to bad spots, to the fake injuries. But much of it was self...
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    Fanbase is Fed up

    Yep. Every break going against us. Them calling back that td with basically no explanation. The ref comes in from 10 yards behind the ball and spots the ball a yard short (and of course to overturn a call means needing irrefutable/dna evidence). Which makes no sense. Why doesn’t the replay...
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    Refs have to be held accountable, UTAD. You do not budge.

    Heupel deserves a lot of blame for this one honestly. For all he’s done right he did a bunch of dumb stuff here. Mainly continuing to do that stupid delayed handoffs with jabari small. It was almost pruitt like. Their defense sold out to stop the run. If we just throw the ball down the field...
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    Predictions came through in 1st half

    The playcalling has been Pruitt like to be honest. Had we put the ball and hookers hand and giving him a chance to win the game we would have one. But constantly running the slow developing run with small is just absolute garbage. Also our inability to make an adjustment to stop their...
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    Predictions came through in 1st half

    Not to be a negative Nancy but I don’t think we can catch up to them here. It was such a crappy sequence by us on our last possession when we were at the 30. We needed to go td or bust there.
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    Ya with the avalanche that went against is in the first half it’s crazy to only be down 12 amd set to receive the ball. We go down and get a score and we could get back in the game pretty easily. It was a really ballsy call by heupel to use a timeout with 50 seconds to go before their third down...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    How could do e have come out so damn flat tonight man. Feels like our guys just aren’t ready for a big game
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    Man we are a cursed program. Velus hands ole miss 7 points then goes down making the catch a half yard short and cade Mays gets hurt on a play that doesn’t even count. It reminds me of so many bug games where nothing goes our way
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    *****Freak's night before the Ole Miss game, admittedly off topic thread

    This is the biggest game I can remember in quite a while. And it’s not just as it pertains to the sec East race…it’s the psychological effect of lane kiffin coming to town. If we could win I think many of us could forever move beyond the kiffin stuff. Many thought we needed to go back for him...

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