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  1. G8rh8r

    Poll: Fan Behavior

    I bet MIT Beaver threw the golf ball.
  2. G8rh8r

    If the fans showing displeasure at refs in Neyland hurts you

    Throwing stuff onto the field is never a good look. I understand the frustration, I understand the emotion, but self control should always reign supreme.
  3. G8rh8r

    We Can Beat Alabama

    Anything is possible, but a Bama upset is extremely unlikely
  4. G8rh8r

    First Signature Win

    It was a good win, but not a signature one. Signature wins need a more elite opponent.
  5. G8rh8r

    Did you graduate from UT? Degree?

    Grad degree.....Master of Accountancy
  6. G8rh8r

    After last night, I'm convinced that this staff is going to succeed

    I think we are moving in the right direction. I'm not quite ready to jump on the bandwagon yet, but I do think Heupel is light years ahead of cornbread. I had some questions about clock management going into the half as well as general player discipline and penalties. Those I think fall...
  7. G8rh8r

    What's a win, vs. UF?

    A win is a win. We truly have a snowball's chance in he!! at a win.
  8. G8rh8r

    Let’s hold off on the couch burning and plane tracking for another 3-4 games

    I am still on the fence about the Heupel hire. Time will tell. However, I was shocked the the number of penalties, on both sides of the ball, this weekend. Last stat I saw during the game was 135yds of penalties. No repercussions for personal fouls from the coaching staff. That is extremely...
  9. G8rh8r

    Any particular game changer play that stands out?

    There are so many to choose from. For me, though, the boneheaded penalty calls (either of them) on Banks stood out. He should have been benched immediately. From a general coaching perspective, that was a gamechanger for me. As far as impact on game outcome, probably the fourth and inches on...
  10. G8rh8r

    If Hooker had started

    Milton consistently overthrew the ball, but that turnover in the fourth quarter was extremely costly. Who knows if that would have happened if he had started. Personally, I would have liked to see Bailey play. He would have been way more accurate than Milton.
  11. G8rh8r

    Why do you still go to Neyland?

    I take my girls once or twice a year when it fits into their swim schedule and the tickets are cheap. Gave up my season tickets when we moved to VA six years ago. I do enjoy the Petros chili and chips
  12. G8rh8r

    Lets face reality now while we're sober

    Best way to get through this season, and probably the one after that, is by avoiding sobriety.
  13. G8rh8r

    Joe Milton discussion after game 1

    Well, he’s not nailing defenders in the chest. I don’t think he is our answer, but I do think he is better. He doesn’t make boneheaded plays. I never said he was good. He is simply better. I didn’t have high expectations for this year, so perhaps my low expectations help in that assessment
  14. G8rh8r

    Joe Milton discussion after game 1

    He is better than JG. No mental blocks. I’m not saying he’s our answer, but he is an improvement
  15. G8rh8r

    The Official Tennessee vs. Bowling Green Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Milton is better than JG. But He is still light years behind what we need at this level. Still, improvement. Baby steps forward
  16. G8rh8r

    How important is Tennessee football in your life ?

    Used to have season tickets, used to drive down from Richmond for nearly all games...that was ten years ago. Now, with the kids and all their activities combined with the state of things, I usually watch the game on TV if I'm home at the time.
  17. G8rh8r

    Have.....have we hit rock bottom yet?

    I sure hope so. That means things can only improve
  18. G8rh8r

    Zero emotions

    For me, I think I have to see what Heupel can do on the field before I blindly fall back into the fold. I supported the past three coaching duds and this time, I have to see it to get excited about what he could bring here. I truly hope he is what we need and he is successful, but I need to...
  19. G8rh8r

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Anything to get my kids to cheer for the Vols. Another girl from our team is heading to Rocky Top this fall to swim there as well. Go AquaVols! I hope your kids get back to sports soon. Swimming, while not my idea of a fun way to spend a weekend, has been a godsend for my kids. Good...
  20. G8rh8r

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    I've started following swimming as well. Both by girls swim and their mentor on our local swim team is currently on the Vols swimming roster. Its not football, but hey....

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