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  1. Jhilly05

    What Pitt Panther fans are saying about our Vols

    Yeah but Kentucky's offense looked solid. They were marginal at best last year like UT. Tenn had 4 plays of 40yds or longer & Kentucky had 3. We had 1 play of 40 yards Thursday night and they had 3 in the first half. Their QB hit his WR's in stride. I thought Tennessee was going to look like...
  2. Jhilly05

    Heupel will figure out the QB position

    OMG! Loved this! I stopped at Milton and his running ability. He looked like he was scared to run. Half the time he "ran" it was out of necessity! He's got the frame of an athlete but his fluid of motion when he runs is by far from good. He could've rushed for over 100yds easy. I'm not trying to...
  3. Jhilly05

    What Michigan Fans Think About Joe Milton Starting at UT

    "If" all comments are true and accurate then they sound like a smart group of fans. All things considered. It all comes down to how he plays. I pray it was the thumb injury and HC(J.H.) Hope he shines under Heupel-coach him up and put him in the right position. Something Harbaugh clearly didn't!
  4. Jhilly05

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bowling Green

    Tennessee - 44 B.G. - 20 485
  5. Jhilly05

    From WSU (cougars) board ........ interesting comment

    There is absolutely zero chance he shines at Wash St. Now im exaggerating a bit but honestly I would bet less than 10%. He's terrible at reading his progressions and his accuracy is below average at best. Hope the man nothing but success in life but it's not going to be in football.
  6. Jhilly05

    Bad look but makes me optimistic about the future!

    Those days were small pockets of heaven in my life!!
  7. Jhilly05

    Salter charged with misdemeanor

    Sorry sir but this statement is ignorant! I'm not a smoker myself but know many people that are potheads and are far from lazy or dumb. This is 2021 not 1955.
  8. Jhilly05

    Tobias Harris

    The only 76ers that made a FG in the 2nd half of last night's game were S.Curry and J.Embiid. That's almost hard to believe.
  9. Jhilly05

    WR Malachi Wideman no longer part of program

    I think your logic is a little off here. 3-4 years is not a long time. Especially the way things have been for the last 15 years. As long as the program can stabilize and we as fans and the players can see progression any team in the SEC(Vandy excluded) should be able to compete week in and week...
  10. Jhilly05

    ‘23 PA TE Joey Schlaffer

    Man we are hunting tight ends these days! Nice sign! So much talent we wasted at that position for far to long!
  11. Jhilly05

    The Official #3 Tennessee vs Liberty NCAA Regional Final Game Thread Sunday 6:46 PM EST

    Not trying to jinx anything but would love an Omaha final with Arkansas and bash Kevin Kopps! Wishful thinking!
  12. Jhilly05

    The Official #3 Tennessee vs Liberty NCAA Regional Final Game Thread Sunday 6:46 PM EST

    He's not leaving. Times are different! He's young. Kids will follow him here. Tradition doesn't hold the same weight it previously did. He can build UT baseball into a powerhouse just as easy as he can continue it in Baton Rouge or College Station. Just my opinion and i did stay at a Holliday...
  13. Jhilly05

    Vitello frontward roll into team celebration!

    I don't expect him to leave. Everybody says LSU is a top 3 team traditional wise and that's correct. CVT is young and times are different. He can make his mark here and Tennessee can become a top 3 baseball school with everything we can offer. I could very well be wrong but everything about T.V...
  14. Jhilly05

    '21 FL CB De’Shawn Rucker (Tennessee signee)

    I know im late but 3 🌟 with those offers? Looks like a solid 4 at least.
  15. Jhilly05

    Auburn transfer CB Kamal Hadden to the Vols!!

    We really should have a downvote button! Why comment? Blue font that sh** or just don't hit the send button!
  16. Jhilly05

    '24 GA DT Omar White

    Man.... You just said Ms. Winners(sp?) I miss those cinnamon rolls!!
  17. Jhilly05

    '22 FL S Kamari Wilson

    Dang i feel old when coaches have to tell these kids who Jimmy Johnson was! Figured he was still a household name?
  18. Jhilly05

    4-2-5 D?

    I'll never forget that hit Westmoreland had on that Vandy player! He crushed him!
  19. Jhilly05

    Hugh Freeze with added sanctions vs...

    This is me every 2 hours checking for latest info on coaches!
  20. Jhilly05

    SIAP: Sounds like Heupel has filled 2 coaching spots

    Man i love Tee for all he's done for this University as a player and VFL. But man when you watch the tape our receivers were below average! Route running and getting separation has been terrible for years. We had to rely way to much on winning 50/50 balls and flat out speed to make any type of...

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