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  1. RWB427

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk [RIP 9.3.2019]

    I'd say he did not relinquish power to do the job along with not allowing the hiring of the desired assistants. Even without the hires he wanted, I have always felt Shoop would have been able to put a good defense on the field if he would have been given the control to do so.
  2. RWB427

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk [RIP 9.3.2019]

    Looks like he will be the man
  3. RWB427

    Will you be a DawgForADay?

    NO! Georgia has the most arrogant fan base out there to have won 1 Natty 38 years ago. They believe they are Bama dominate with Georgia results.
  4. RWB427

    Pruitt has met with Freeze about OC position (Price)

    Geez!!! Richard Mullaney responded to a Hugh Freeze tweet of "You will catch plenty of balls" with......."Can't wait coach, I am ready to hit the ground running". Someone seen that along with the Bama uni and stadium and thought it was about Freeze to Bama but it was actually about them both...
  5. RWB427

    Pruitt has met with Freeze about OC position (Price)

    Yea...I referenced he was a AAF player a couple post before that in response to a statement about an Alabama player being excited to work with Freeze. Just posted the link separate.
  6. RWB427

    Pruitt has met with Freeze about OC position (Price)

    This is the one I was talking about. His cover pic is Bryant-Denny.
  7. RWB427

    Pruitt has met with Freeze about OC position (Price)

    I saw a tweet where a player said he was excited to work with Freeze but it was with the AAF Arizona Hotshots. The players profile pic was Bryant-Denny. I think that is where this came from.
  8. RWB427

    A New Site For All The Naysayers

    Fire in the hole!!! This should get them stirred up!
  9. RWB427

    Pruitt's Anger

  10. RWB427


    I swear, UT football has made me hate college football is so hard to watch!
  11. RWB427


    My humidor is full and I will partake in several if they pull of the upset!!!
  12. RWB427

    The Leukemia came Back Nation

    Praying for your wife, you and the rest of the family! God Bless!
  13. RWB427

    Neyland I (Formerly known as Gruden Thread)

    How do they even call that a "party"? lol
  14. RWB427

    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLVII

    Yes and hopefully after the loss Urban decides to spend time with the family and avoid his chest pains and stress. Then OSU and Herbie can hire the great Schiano since they have highly recommended him and UT had no reason not to hire him as HC.
  15. RWB427

    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLV

    I agree! With that said, you know this hire will more than likely be a band-aid that has to be ripped off in 3 to 4 years. So, why not hire Les Miles who has SEC experience in big time games, championships and recruiting. Then offer Tee as substantial raise to come in as OC in hopes he is ready...
  16. RWB427

    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLIV

    Really hoping for the Urban, chest pain/need to spend more time with family spill soon...then we will see if OSU and Herbstreit put their money where their mouth is in regards to Schiano being a great coach to lead the team and hire him!
  17. RWB427

    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLIV

    While we all wanted Gruden, in reality I have been yelling his name for months.
  18. RWB427

    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLIII

    If Schiano and Currie are friends as reported, then Currie knew what his baggage was and either didn't care or thought Vol Nation wouldn't care...or both! Regardless, the history was known and over looked!

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