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    Recruits Still Love Tennessee

    You obviously haven't followed the guys who have spoken to the recruits. Or youre ignoring what is being reported. Either way your statement is wrong and bordering ridiculous. I have 5 decades in the books but remember myself and thoughts at 18. I would have made fun of you fine folks doing...
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    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    Once the attorneys start digging...most everything is fair game at deposition..
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    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    Piling on after the negative storyline from Saturday. Pathetic posturing IMO.
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    Recruits loved Neyland last night.

    That is hyperbole and nothing more.
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    Recruits loved Neyland last night.

    It wont ever happen to Heupel anywhere He isnt a sh.t stirring jac.ass. And its an even bigger embarrassment that some of our fans need that pointed out to them.
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    I was one of the people who wasn’t against UT hiring Kiffin again

    How many of those games were 4 hours and 33 minutes long because of flopping?
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    Source of thrown items?

    There are no little packets out your mustard on at the concessions stand using the provided projectile...i mean mustard bottle.
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    Recruits loved Neyland last night.

    Thats similar to my thoughts regardless of where the kids are from. The handwringing being over the "putting people in danger" is laughable. Very few saying this have a clue what dangerous means. Was it clasess?..probably...against the rules?...for sure...embarassing?... apparently for some it...
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    The Saturday night atmosphere was unreal [share your experience]

    Actually much better than i anticipated...of course im old and that stuff doesnt interest me much. So my anticaption level was prettt low
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    If Hooker's injury is serious

    I agree but am afraid JM may let opportunistic moments get the best of him. He no doubt has every single physical abilty a qb needs. But seems to freeze when he is offered a chance to show his ability to the world. This is fixable and there are many sports psychologists who make a living...
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    About last night....

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    Get ready for the Righteous Indignation

    Why does anyone care what the pundits say? Seriously...if this staff can simply recruit to the team needs. We will win and the pundits will chanfe their tune.
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    Josh Heupel genius

    Holding the Ole Miss offense to 31 points And some are complaining...smdh
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    Refs have to be held accountable, UTAD. You do not budge.

    Personally i think the rule should be if the game is stopped for injury the player has to sit out the next 15 plays of his side of the ball. And should someone play both ways, they sit out 15 plays of bothntheir offense and defense. And cannot participate in special teams play until the their...
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    Who has big enough “balls”………

    Please add your visa card number too Expiration date and CVV will also help ..
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    Gentlemen Losers Be Gone!

    And some of our "fans"seem revel in that fact Yall always wanna talk about how bad we are I know, i know...theyre just keeping it real.
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    I have a feeling you are going to start seeing a lot more of what happened last night

    I disavree If last nights incidents dont cause folks in power to tKe a look i to why, nothing will. There have been hundreds of games at Neyland and millions of fans attend thise games. This is abnormal behavior brought on by something.
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    SEC Statement on Ole Miss / TN game [Sankey discussion]

    The endangerment things is overblown...
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    If the fans showing displeasure at refs in Neyland hurts you

    Was he carrying the ball with his feet? Have amazingly long arms? Inquiring minds want to know..
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    Has our secondary

    So with elite SEC talent, a world class play caller and a qb like did Bama spank them so easily? Their defense is pretty bad and thats what is likely to insure they dont blow us out..

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