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  1. volfan_28

    Vols 27.5 point underdogs vs Bama

    And Cooper. And Tiyon. Big drop off after all those guys
  2. volfan_28

    Recruits Still Love Tennessee

    So fanbases who don’t throw stuff at the opposing team doesn’t have their players back? Hmm.
  3. volfan_28

    Vols 27.5 point underdogs vs Bama

    Need to know if the Mays brothers are healthy
  4. volfan_28

    I will never be embarrassed to be a Tennessee fan.

    That's fine. But hopefully it won't happen again.
  5. volfan_28

    Special teams need to get hotter chili

    The last punt return is the only reason we had a final shot at the end zone
  6. volfan_28

    SEC fine from Saturday's activities

    I find it best to ignore the Bama game and pretend it never happened.
  7. volfan_28

    Player Coach Behavior

    Has this been confirmed by anyone? Have not seen any video of it and this is the only place I've seen the rumor posted. Did it even happen?
  8. volfan_28

    Josh Heupel genius

    I’m sure other SEC HCs want to know too. Our plan worked better than anyone else’s has this season
  9. volfan_28

    About Bama…..

    Yeah, the bye week can't get here quick enough. Key contributors in the 2nd half against OM include Ollie Lane, Dayne Davis, Leneath Whitehead, Marcus Pierce Jr., and Joe Milton... nothing against those guys, but it highlights how banged up we are and how big the dropoff is from the starters.
  10. volfan_28

    The Saturday night atmosphere was unreal [share your experience]

    It was the best atmostphere I've ever experienced, and it's not close. Closest comparison would be 2004 Florida but the production of Saturday night's game sets it apart. The combination of light show, DJ leading cheers during timeouts, timely song selections by the PA folks, etc. kept the crowd...
  11. volfan_28

    The scoop and score ruling…

    Was it ruled a fumbled in the Arkansas game?
  12. volfan_28

    The scoop and score ruling…

    They didn't blow a whistle... Don't care what anyone says. Why would they have been chasing the play to the endzone if they'd of blown it dead? Also, none of refs signaled with their hands that the play was dead.
  13. volfan_28

    Coach Lane Kiffin will never consider returning to UT to coach

    What game were you watching? Heupel was able to match him in total yards production despite our 2nd string OL getting abused. Kiffin has a Heisman candidate QB, Heupel does not. Kiffin had his best RB available and depth behind him available, Heupel had to give carries to our 4th and 5th...
  14. volfan_28

    Player Coach Behavior

    If I weren’t a Tennessee fan I’d think the fire extinguisher is funny. If we can’t handle a little mockery, we shouldn’t dish out foolery. Wish we’d of silenced him on the field. We didn’t. Need to move on
  15. volfan_28

    With Hooker out this means......

    There is a very realistic scenario in which they finish the season 11-1 and a good argument for the CFP playoff
  16. volfan_28

    With Hooker out this means......

    It’s the only game left that, barring a miracle/disaster, could go either way
  17. volfan_28

    With Hooker out this means......

    Hey... it could happen!
  18. volfan_28

    Source of thrown items?

    Yeah. I was in the north corner, 48 rows up. I only saw 1 thing thrown from that section and it came from behind me... looked like a full cup of coke but of course it didn’t make the field. Just rained on the fans several rows in front of us
  19. volfan_28

    Source of thrown items?


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