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  1. volnmemphis

    First Time in a Long Time

    Have you been to Tuscaloosa?
  2. volnmemphis

    ABC Songs II

    Zilch - Monkees
  3. volnmemphis

    Volgram (Photo Thread)

    Where did you get the Vols patch
  4. volnmemphis

    America power T bumper sticker

    Does anyone remember the red, white and blue checkerboard Power T bumper stickers that were available several years back, possibly only in the state of TN? Anyone know if there is a place to order them today? Thanks Matt
  5. volnmemphis

    F3 guys

    cool - thanks for letting me know!
  6. volnmemphis

    Patch for my ruck

    I definitely want the velcro!! Thanks for confirming.
  7. volnmemphis

    Patch for my ruck

    Just sent it. Thanks
  8. volnmemphis

    Patch for my ruck

    does it have velcro on the back @Tri-CitiesVol
  9. volnmemphis

    Patch for my ruck

    that would be great @Tri-CitiesVol. how do I send a DM or private message?
  10. volnmemphis

    F3 guys

    where was that @volfanbill
  11. volnmemphis

    F3 guys

    Any F3 guys on this forum - F3 is a free men's boot camp - locations in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis just in TN alone. Just curious if anyone else from F3 Nation comes onto these message boards. Thanks! F3 Memphis Rabbit
  12. volnmemphis

    Patch for my ruck

    Does anyone know where I can get a UT Vols patch for my ruck? @Tri-CitiesVol I saw your avatar and am wondering where you got yours. Thanks! Matt aka volnmemphis
  13. volnmemphis

    ABC Songs II

    Y.M.C.A. - Village People
  14. volnmemphis

    Wanna Bet?

    What were the Vegas odds that we would hire Butch, Dooley or Kiffin? I am guessing not so good!!!
  15. volnmemphis

    National Signing Day Celebration Events

    Got to make it right! Here ya go! Vols to hold signing-day celebrations
  16. volnmemphis

    National Signing Day Celebration Events

    Doh - rookie mistake!!! My bad!
  17. volnmemphis

    Shoop/Debord 5th best tandom in SEC

    I was curious how Pruitt gets to #1 status at Bama - based on your stats how does he get that elevation? He hasn't proven all that much.......The Bama bias is strong with the writer of this article......:):P:crazy:
  18. volnmemphis

    #1, #1, #8, #81

    Who do we have behind Medley? I know we have him 2 more years but it is nice to know we have someone capable behind him if God forbid he gets hurt..... Also what, if any impact, does Mark Elder's departure have on special teams? Are we turning into Punter U or what?
  19. volnmemphis

    What is the perception of TN football / Butch Jones by Memphis coaches?

    Not having followed high school football in a bit, I was curious what those of you who are in know think about how TN football is perceived now that Butch has had a few years to get us back on track and (hopefully) re-establish some relationships that got tarnished under Dooley. Is there ill...
  20. volnmemphis

    Vols Starting QB 2030

    looks like a young Eli!

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