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  1. AirForceVol74

    Tennessee is Ranked in Coaches Poll

    Coaches poll is a joke and this proves it. GBO
  2. AirForceVol74

    Projections after Week 2

    6-6...beat TTU, South Alabama, Mizzou, Cocks, Vandy
  3. AirForceVol74

    '19 MS DT DaJon Terry (Tennessee commit)

    That is what I was thinking...keep grabbing those transfers and we may be an SEC East contender soon...GBO!
  4. AirForceVol74

    UCF sets school record with 5 players....

    UCF had 5 drafted and Tennessee had 2 drafted. GBO!
  5. AirForceVol74

    '22 OH TE Brody Foley (Tennessee commit)

    Boom nice...looks like a great prospect. GBO!
  6. AirForceVol74

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Nope...were good with 2 commitments...on to the '23 class. GBO!
  7. AirForceVol74

    '22 ★★★★★ Class of 2022 Commitments

    Up to #57 in recruiting rankings....Boom!
  8. AirForceVol74

    '22 FL SDE Venson Sneed (Tennessee Commit)

    Awesome 2 commits in 2 we rolling. GBO!
  9. AirForceVol74

    '22 FL SDE Venson Sneed (Tennessee Commit)

    Could be our next...he has an official visit setup so we will see. GBO!
  10. AirForceVol74

    '22 TN OLB Elijah Herring (Tennessee Commit)

    First of many...boom! Went from no ranking to 70th in recruiting rankings! GBO!
  11. AirForceVol74

    UT Basketball lands Aidoo

    Very nice....shouldn't see much of a drop off this year if any. GBO
  12. AirForceVol74

    '22 TN WR Cameron Miller (Tennessee commit)

    I agree...he will camp in Bama, they will tell him to wait and then he can become a Vol!
  13. AirForceVol74

    '22 QB IN Tayven Jackson (UT commit)

    I would say Arkansas and Ole Miss is our biggest competition, Kendall Builds is his lead recruiter from Arkansas.
  14. AirForceVol74

    '22 TN OT Patrick Kutas (Arkansas commit)

    I will say with the new staff they seem to contact recruits they want almost everyday, which is great, showing these kids they are priority...GBO

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