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  1. BigorangeBoy

    Fondest Bama Vol game you attended

    1982, I was a student then and we were only about ten rows up in the lower student section. Late in the game we started running roughshod over Bama with Chuck Coleman, and Bama had to take a timeout to regroup. On the next play Coleman gashed them again for a 40 yard or so TD. TN's OL was...
  2. BigorangeBoy

    Where is Dee Beckwith???

    These guys?
  3. BigorangeBoy

    Evans or Small playing tomorrow?

    The 247 article was an absolute waste of time, basically CJH said "we are not sure" on any of those guys, "they have made progress this week" and "I'm not trying to be coy" - but he was very "coy".
  4. BigorangeBoy

    Byron Young Ineligible *CONFIRMED*

    Big Muskie in Melton Hill Lake in Kingston - they are not super plentiful and certainly not as big as the ones up north, but they are native to this area.
  5. BigorangeBoy

    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    The Brandon Jenkins article on 247 makes it sound like he is a lock for UK.
  6. BigorangeBoy

    '22 GA OLB Joshua Josephs

    Callahan said he was dominant last night, all over the field making plays. Said he may push back his October 1st commitment date to assess his options.
  7. BigorangeBoy

    '22 MI ATH Dillon Tatum (Michigan State commit)

    my sister lived there in the 70s, I’m pretty sure Kevin Nash hails from that area.
  8. BigorangeBoy

    '22 AR WR Charles “Chas” Nimrod (Tennessee commit)

    Looks like one that gets the offer once a staff puts him thru the paces.
  9. BigorangeBoy

    Pitt - Sept. 11, 2021 - a likely gauge for Vols ability to adapt to new systems

    After that game, Bill Fralic told the media that the skinny DE he matched up against was an “animal” - Dale Jones. We moved the ball pretty well at times, just very inconsistent. Sam Henderson had a big game if I recall.
  10. BigorangeBoy

    Josh Heupel noon press conference

    I just spit my tea all over the monitor..... LOL
  11. BigorangeBoy

    '22 GA OT Addison Nichols (Tennessee commit)

    Mom had tears in her eyes, awesome!
  12. BigorangeBoy

    ‘23 TN SDE Drake Carlson

    He sure has awesome genetics, his dad was a moose and a three time All-American. I think he also was on one of our Olympic teams. Edit: Rob is not a real moose, just to clarify.
  13. BigorangeBoy

    ‘22 FL C Ernest Udeh Jr.

    With just one commitment for the 2022 recruiting class, the Bears are still in the market for a center to join the program. The Bears only have four offers out to centers, but the latest went out to 5-star pivot man Ernest Udeh Jr. Rated the 58th best player in the 247Sports rankings for the...
  14. BigorangeBoy

    '22 MA WR Elic Ayomanor (Stanford commit)

    Notre Dame has prioritized him as well.
  15. BigorangeBoy

    Heupel: Joe Milton 'has gained a lot of trust' from Vol teammates

    A lot of Meatchicken observers in the media and fanbase concluded that Milton was not given the best coaching while in Ann Arbor, so we'll see if TN's staff can get over his perceived shortcomings.
  16. BigorangeBoy

    New Roster Out

    Callahan said Julian Nixon had slimmed down, but he's 245 now?
  17. BigorangeBoy

    ‘23 TN QB Chris Parson (FSU commit)

    Terrell Buckley is his cousin, FSU looks to be where he’s headed.

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