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    What is your level of interest (enthusiasm) for Florida game?

    My interest is very high. But that has nothing to do with my confidence. It’s actually the opposite. I always look forward to seeing us play and looking for improvement and signs that the program is moving in the right direction.
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    Hendon Hooker has 2 years to play for the Vols

    They aren’t even ranked in the top 25….
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    Milton named starter

    Milton was listed as the starter last week and didn’t even dress. This means nothing.
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    "Open the T" !!!!

    It’s a running joke on a local radio show. It doesn’t actually happen at the games.
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    Can you teach a QB touch???

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    Would you trade a natty for Neyland to be the undisputed loudest stadium in cfb?????

    Can we take a poll for if this is the worst poll ever?
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    Poll: Who starts Saturday?

    I voted for who I think will start (Milton) but not who I want to start (Hooker).
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    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    This is what I saw as well. The offensive player was still fighting to get free so Banks kept fighting to stop him. Banks is a penalty waiting to happen tho. Still thought he had a solid game Saturday.
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    Vols release depth chart ahead of Tennessee Tech game

    This is 100% what is going to happen. He will finally hit a deep ball or 2 against hapless TTU, fans will get excited, and then he will look like a deer in the head lights come Florida. For the record, I hope this doesn’t happen. I hope he balls out in both game, I just don’t see it.
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    Hendon Hooker-Starter?

    I saw us run numerous plays and sets that we didn’t run with Milton but I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
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    Milton Starter Limit Deep Passes

    There’s a reason Milton was replaced by a freshman at Michigan in his 3rd year in college and still looks like he doesn’t know how to play the position in his 4th year.
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    A View from Big Ben: Pittsburgh

    You might be right here but if that’s the case, we are in big trouble. Milton has been in the college game for 3 years and now 2 games into a 4th. He can’t read the field at all. There is no way he can get better at that. Maybe a qb can get better at it in his first year or 2 but if you can’t do...
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    That was a good Pitt team today...

    Are you referring to the FSU that lost to Jacksonville State?
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    Our goals are still in front of us.

    Once Hooker settled down, I felt like we saw what the offense is supposed to look like and it should get better as the season goes. The offense I saw is good enough to get us some SEC wins. Not sure about the defense, but offensively I think we can put up some points on SC, UK, Mizzou, Ole Miss...
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    If someone had told me.....

    I agree with what you said, but Milton getting injured is one of the reasons we actually had a chance to win this game.
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    How important is the Pitt game?

    He definitely can. I want to see Bailey get a chance. From what I saw last year, Bailey can find the open guy and has a natural feel for the pocket.
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    Expecting a Win This Weekend!!!

    I have zero expectations. It’s just easier that way lol
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    How important is the Pitt game?

    Drew Lock was a pocket passer and he made him into an All SEC quarterback that set Mizzou records and is in a tight race for a starting spot in the NFL. Prior to Heupel being there, Lock was gawd awful. This offense is about getting the ball out and to the playmakers as quickly and efficiently...
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    How important is the Pitt game?

    For this season specifically…a 9. It’s one of the few that will determine bowl eligibility. As a whole, for Heupels program, I’d say a 5. After seeing the QB play last week, this season is going to be a struggle. If Milton is clearly better than the other 2, then this offense isn’t going to...

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