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  1. lincolncovol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    Florida- 45 Tennessee- 31 Total Rushing Yards- 175
  2. lincolncovol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee Tech

    Tenn- 48 Tenn Tech- 10 Yards Allowed- 200
  3. lincolncovol

    Volnation Season Pick Contest: Week 2

    No tie breaker this week is showing on mine?
  4. lincolncovol

    Post-game dining options

    Gus's Good Times Deli! Really good meal and cold beer after the spanking.
  5. lincolncovol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Pittsburgh

    Tennessee- 35 Pitt- 24 Rushing yards- 185
  6. lincolncovol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bowling Green

    Tennessee-45 Bowling Green-10 Yards- 420
  7. lincolncovol

    Vol players I miss the most.

    jimmy noonan ricky townsend chuck webb the two DeLongs roland james
  8. lincolncovol

    First Tennessee football game you attended

    1973 vs alabama lost 42-21 8 yrs old lost the game but convince my mom to throwaway her alabama bean bag n become a UT fan that day. So i really was a winner that day
  9. lincolncovol

    Eric Berry vs Chuck Webb

    Berry was great but hardly ever wrapped up Webb could truck him or junk him Webb was special, damn shame he blew his knee
  10. lincolncovol

    Greg Amsler vs Derek Barnett

    Greg all the way
  11. lincolncovol

    Best UT running back

    1-Webb 2 Cobb 3-tie Garner Jones Lewis Graham 4-Stanback Morgan Henry
  12. lincolncovol

    Coach K

    Loving it hate that smug bast$$$ only thing better would be if he takes he biggest fan with him ...... ole Dickie V hate that ******* too
  13. lincolncovol

    Greatest Duo Ever

    Jim Brown football Jim Brown lacrosse Jim Brown track
  14. lincolncovol

    ‘23 TX WR Noble Johnson

    I'm truly sorry for this but I have too TWSS

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