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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    UT 21 Fla 42 127 yds
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    ESPN Good News and Bad News, remaining schedule

    By the time we play KY and Mizz., maybe we'll be favored, thus giving us 7 probable wins and a bowl.
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    Some thoughts on the

    It was triple witching hour for the stock market last week, maybe it will be triple witching hour for Florida Milton hits the deep bomb No UT turnovers UT running game explodes for 285 yards. UT wins 41-38
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    Milton named starter

    Hooker lovers, why do you think you know better than Heupel? Neither qb can beat Fla, so why not hang with Milton another game or 2 to see if he can improve on the overthrows? Don't say it's because Harbaugh couldn't do it, so Heupel can't do it. Jury is still out on that.
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    Don’t fall for the Gator hype yet..

    41-24 Gators
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    Looks like we will have a really successful and fulfilling season

    I think 6 wins is achievable if we can continue to make progress. RB needs to improve. Our defense has made great strides the past two weeks despite the Pitt. score. Ky has shown some weakness we can exploit as has S.C. Between Ky, S.C., and Mizz we hopefully get 2 wins, which is very doable...
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    Neck deep in the Swamp

    Moral victory for us is stay within 10 pts.
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    Dee Beckwith gone?

    Maybe he doesn't deserve to see the field. Surely the coaches know better than we do. Maybe there's a reason he's in coach's doghouse. Some players just can't accept discipline.
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    Is it the QB or is it the wide receivers?

    sorry supersmo, just read your text.
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    Is it the QB or is it the wide receivers?

    Who is Payton?
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    Big day for Ty Chandler.

    If anyone is interested in Chandler they will look it up on a box score. Doesn't need to have a thread started. Man Crush?
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    Hooker is Starting

    HB most likely will never start at UT. The qb of the future is arriving next season. I don't see Bailey being here after this season. Hooker and Milton will start until the new man arrives in the fall.
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    Hooker is Starting

    Going to be interesting who Heupel starts next week. Either way, we lose but I think we have the best shot by starting Hooker. Coach likes Milton though.
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    Anemic OL Play is Why...

    But I thought Friend was the cause of that. Are you saying our new OL coach can't coach 'em up either?
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    Heupel’s offense is not innovative

    The fast paced offense is very fun to watch, but it is going to get us killed vs. Ala. After watching the first half of Bama vs Gators, I change my Ala. prediction to 68-17. Do we need to upgrade our scoreboard to allow for triple digit scores ? 103 to 17? (for some of you clowns, this is...
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    Any injury news???

    Milton will throw 3 bombs in first half to solidify and get ready for the start next week against gators.
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    Florida vs Alabama and what it means for the VOLS

    We lose to Bama by 30+ We lose to Fla by 20+, regardless of how they do in Ala game.
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    What do you want to see against Florida

    I want to see Milton throw 3 or 4 40 yd bombs for TD and the defense to play the game of their lift. 3 TO's.
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    Tennessee-Tennessee Tech Visitor Updates

    Unfortunately that pic is from the 90's. Take the top level off and you will see the attendance for the 2020's.
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    Transfer Stats

    the point i was trying to make is that our recruiting has been almost abysmal and we are looking at very dark days ahead if it doesn't pick up dramatically. For the past 10 years, we have been putting our coach on a pedestal because "they can always find that exceptional 3 * that can be...

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