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  1. Plecoptera

    Unrank the entire ACC

    Apparently a good while. It was a 3:30 kickoff and there is 2:47 left in the 2nd quarter and the game hasn't resumed.
  2. Plecoptera

    Hoosier's Pick 6 CFB Challenge- Week #3

    Purdue at Notre Dame Alabama at Florida Auburn at Penn State Stanford at Vanderbilt Arizona State at BYU Cincinnati at Indiana TB: Passing Yards by Vols? 250
  3. Plecoptera

    A Kicker was ejected for targeting…

    I don’t like ejections for targeting unless it’s really egregious—like a hit seen on an old NFL highlight where a db such as Ronnie Lott tries to decapitate a receiver.
  4. Plecoptera

    Hoosier's Pick 6 CFB Challenge- Week 2

    Week #2 Games: Pitt at Tennessee Oregon at Ohio State Iowa at Iowa State Washington at Michigan Texas A&M at Colorado Texas at Arkansas Tie Breaker: How many passing yards for Vols? 200
  5. Plecoptera


    They definitely seem upset and realize it's going to be a rough year. What's funny is that this thread has almost as many posts as their game discussion thread.
  6. Plecoptera

    LSU at UCLA

    It's a miracle that wasn't intercepted.
  7. Plecoptera

    Who's having the worst week?

    Good question. The Vandy loss is probably worse, however, Washington was ranked in the top 20 and got beat by an FCS team. Nebraska at least won their game today.
  8. Plecoptera

    The Official Tennessee vs. Bowling Green Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    My guess is that it prevents cuts and scrapes on the elbows and forearms.
  9. Plecoptera

    Hoosier's Pick 6 Challenge- Week #1

    Alabama vs Miami (FL) Louisiana at Texas Georgia vs Clemson Notre Dame at Florida State LSU at UCLA Penn State at Wisconsin TB: Total Rushing Yards for Alabama? 175
  10. Plecoptera

    No Dobbs tonight

    Good point. I don’t know that much about job opportunities in aerospace engineering, but I assume they are highly competitive and a masters or doctorate would be either beneficial or required. With the science fields I’m familiar with, a graduate degree varies between a requirement for...
  11. Plecoptera

    NCAA football

    I'll participate as usual. Like others have said, the NCAA section might be a better place since it will get more attention. Thanks for always doing this pool each year.
  12. Plecoptera

    The Golf thread II

    I'm really happy to see Phil win. I honestly didn't think he would win another major.
  13. Plecoptera

    The Golf thread II

    Yes, the crowd has really helped with the drama. The walk up to 18 green was exciting to watch.
  14. Plecoptera

    Official NCAA Men's Bball Championship Thread

    Gonzaga is playing terrible right now. If they're not careful Baylor is going to embarrass them. Of course things can change quick in basketball.
  15. Plecoptera

    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    Well played game by both teams. UCLA looked a lot better on offense than I expected.
  16. Plecoptera

    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    This was probably the most exciting game of the tournament and there have been a lot of good ones.
  17. Plecoptera

    Basketball Anybody???

    Houston needs to get something going.

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