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    ‘23 GA S Jack Luttrell (Tennessee commit)

    Any updates on Jack,he's got a great personality and looks like a heck of a player.I think he'll be a fan favorite.
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

    In Garner we trust!
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    Manning’s Full HOF Speech Link

    Just when you think Peyton has done it all he delivers one of the greatest acceptance speeches of all time.It was mesmerizing and masterful!
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    Beasley animal cruelty charge dismissed...

    Now that he's back on the team I guess he'll be vol # 26 to enter the transfer portal.
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    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    I hope they took Cason to the baseball game!
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    ESPN: Tampering in College Football

    Only going to get worse when the NIL hits full steam ahead.
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    Glass half full,glass half empty,the real problem is the glass is twice as big as it should be.Always use a smaller glass.
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    A man goes to one game and look what happens

    Txbo,I have an autographed Nolan Ryan baseball I could give you if that would help.
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    KaTron Evans released from NLI

    To everyone leaving the program,please let the door hit you on the way out.
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    The Juice: Episode 3 - Support Staff

    Keep bringing the juice,very enjoyable.
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    The Official #3 Tennessee vs #2 Vandy Weekend Series Thread (Game 1 Friday @ 7PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 4PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 1PM)

    Wilkerson could call ball for anyone,including the major leagues.He is outstanding!
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    Lindsey Nelson Stadium

    Straight from Coach Vitello's mouth on local sportstalk,AD White told him he's making baseball a priority.Has to mean facilities upgrade.
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    Corey Walker Enters Transfer Portal

    Walker didn't even pen a goodbye letter saying how much he loved his time here and will always be a VFL☺
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    Keon Johnson Declares for NBA Draft

    If I'm a head coach in the NBA ,I want to protect my job.I want players to help right now,not to develop for the next coach.
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    Meet the new guy

    He looks like a guy you could hang out with and have a great time.
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    Meet the new guy

    Stay classy.
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    UT/UA SEC Stat Comparison

    Team chemistry,it all starts with Coach V. Listening to him on local sports radio is always a treat.
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    Bracketology has moved the LV's up to a 3 seed.

    There's people who's happiness is being unhappy.
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    '22 GA QB Sam Horn (Mizzou commit)

    If you watched his and Simpson's film and didn't know who either player was,how could you not want Horn.The talent level he was playing against had the feel like you were already watching a college level game.

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