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    Article on players who should have won the Heisman

    I agree defensive players have deserved it in the past. Part of the problem is the writers are often lazy and/or ignorant and just look at stats. Offensive players have measurable stat lines, yards rushing, passing, TDs. Unfortunately many great defensive players don't. Team's don't throw...
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    We are in trouble

    My first real job was as a TV remote for my dad. The pay was terrible but I did get free room, board, and education!
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    Joe Milton quote

    Yes there is. Play well and play team ball and athletes can say what they want. Don't play well and you get these kind of questions, warranted or not.
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    We are in trouble

    Sure it is...Has Georgia State been mentioned any the last few weeks? We won the last game we played by 32 points. We have plenty to work on but it beats the hell out of losing. On to the next game. That's the only one that matters now.
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    Bama Is For Real

    Some people's lives are full of misery and pettiness. They think bringing others down will give them joy. It doesn't, of course. They just go to the next thing.
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    Coach Ekeler doesn't bleed orange

    Normally I hate threads with a cryptic title or a bait and switch, but I like this one very much! Thanks
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    Why are we trying to be the opposite of Alabama?

    You are entitled to your opinion of course. There are many many Alabama players since Joe Namath better than Mack Wilson, serveral of whom are already in the NFL HOF.
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    ESPN High School Games

    They have only had football since the 2013 season so you might end up being right but it is way too early to tell. Based on the draft they are going to do fine.
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    What if we lose Thursday?

    Is there a rule I'm not aware of that says every thought I have should be posted as a new thread? If that's the case get ready for for "What if it snows on Thursday?
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    4-2-5 Defense

    I think coaches that aren't playing situational defense based on the offensive personnel are going to get smoked. I don't care what allignment you call it. In todays college world you better have ends that can rush and play the field. You can classify them as DE or OLB but they better be able...
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    Champions of climbing stairs

    I don't know what Heupel really meant about climbing stairs but I know this: When my son came home on his first Army leave, his walk was different. He walked with a purpose. I recognize when people are doing something with a purpose, and it's a good thing. That's how I took it and why I...
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    What other coaches are saying

    hmmmm... Anonymous coaches vs anonymous posters. Who are we to believe?
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    Dobbs touchdown pass tonight against Dallas

    Feel free. I'm not sure what that means but knock yourself out.
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    Dobbs touchdown pass tonight against Dallas

    Anybody that makes a roster in the NFL for 5 minutes is impressive.
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    Loudest game at Neyland you attended

    84 Bama. 4th quarter was unreal.
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    If we moved to the ACC, would we not then become another Notre Dame? Sure we have a better regular season only to get mashed in a bowl. Do you think being in the ACC would allow us to actually get good enough to compete with the teams we are running from?
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    Paul Finebaum. What's with his bama love when he's UT grad?

    I agree with you. If you have only been around for the last 15 years you think he is a Bama homer. He is, but this is mainly due to his show. Today he is mostly a call in show host and he does what he does to get and goad callers. He used to be a excellent investigate journalist and he was...
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    3 Star Ranked Players Who Developed To Be 1st, 2nd 3rd Rounders?

    Sorry man. I was just trying to help you find the correct information since you did not have time to find where you saw it before or read the post you were replying to. I am a big fan of the truth but repeating something on page 3 that has already been said multiple times in the same thread is...
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    3 Star Ranked Players Who Developed To Be 1st, 2nd 3rd Rounders?

    I bet if you just read this thread you can find where it has been debunked. Even the guy that posted it has acknowledged it was not correct.
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    Theory For Recruiting Problems

    This post makes you sound like the baseball coach who sits in the dugout and yells at the pitcher to throw strikes after he walks a batter instead of telling him why he is throwing balls. Of course winning fixes most things and everybody here realizes we have not been winning. The reasons why...

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