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    Quit whining!

    This Pitt team would have beat us by 50 last year. Can we make changes and improve from today, absolutely. I'm not saying we are going to be world beaters this year but we are 100% starting from scratch and we will be fun to watch this year. No matter what you NegaVols think, I believe we will...
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    Florida Looks Very Beatable

    Talent edge I would agree but coaching I would say evenly matched. Dan Mullen is no Saban and the assistants I would say UT might be even or better.
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    Defense or Offense?

    Your probably right because Josh Heupel's offenses are known to struggle putting up points.
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    Defense or Offense?

    I am more interested in seeing the defense tonight because we know this offense will put up numbers. What says you?
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bowling Green

    UT-54 BG-17 yds-501
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    Champions of climbing stairs

    Totally out of context and in no way can you compare him to dumn ass Dooley and jerk off Jones. Why even give this kind of stupidity a platform to stand on. Go Vols and πŸ–•other SEC fans. SMH lol
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    So it begins!
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    Speedy WR commit - Marquarius White

    All these 3 stars we are getting is awesome because now we can compete against Vandy in recruiting. Hope they have 5 star hearts. πŸ˜‰
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    Their all old and TV is a solid future investment. Man I hope they don't go after TV.
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    Most underachieving team

    This year's Basketball team!
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    So who is their top tier? What TV has done for UT in a short period of time should make him a top tier in my opinion.
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    I hope your right and not me. Having him turn down LSU and stay at UT would solidify White as a homerun AD hire. It also would give me more faith in football.
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    He is gone because when a coach says they haven't been contacted by the hiring team and doesn't say he would not take the job if offered. White better make that big offer today or based on what he said or really didn't say coach is gone.
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    WR Malachi Wideman no longer part of program

    No need to worry about it because he wasn't recruited by this coaching staff and not all of the players are going to get along with or fit in with the new coaching staff. Plus with this new transfer rule unless the kids just want to play for UT and not a particular coaching staff, then this will...
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    1st timer seeing the vols in neyland. Need advice.

    I have never had a bad experience going to the game. The atmosphere is electric and my family always had a blast. If you and your family are okay with a lot of walking then I suggest to get there early and take in all the pre-game activities. Great post because this is one of the first posts I...
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    Vitello Getting Paid

    haha, me and everyone else were thinking the same thing going into the ninth but I'm sure you'll say you knew the grand slam was coming. Glad they got the win! Shut it for me, mister keyboard warrior. πŸ˜‰
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    Vitello Getting Paid

    All that matters is the jinx worked. I will gladly eat crow. lol
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    Vitello Getting Paid

    Go Vols!
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    Tennessee Curse

    I 100% believe someone with UT Football made a deal with the devil in 1998 to win the National Championship because all of UT sports has been cursed since then. Today our baseball Vols proved this to be true once again. Worst call I have seen in sports in years. SMH

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